Machine audience reaction: Viewers term film a flop, praise Kiara Advani

Machine audience reaction: Viewers term film a flop, praise Kiara Advani

Abbas-Mustan's Machine starring Mustafa and Kiara Advani has not impressed the masses.

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Fans found Kiara Advani to be a fresh addition to the cast.

Mustafa Burmawala and Kiara Advani starrer-Machine released on Friday and people are wondering why the movie was made in the first place. Here are some epic audience reactions. “I loved Kiara, she looks very fresh, but Mustafa is not ready to be in films just yet. I couldn’t understand the story at all, it was too confusing” said a young woman who watched the film.

An older gentleman said, “I liked the first half, it was watchable, but there was just too much happening in the second half. I would give three stars, only for Kiara.” A school boy who went to watch the film because he wanted to watch the remake of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast’, was disappointed and said, “I love Akshay’s song, music in Machine is not up to mark!”


An elderly woman, who is an avid Bollywood film fan, told us, “It was a thriller but the story line was too weak. I think they tried making the film like Baazigar, but it is not even close to it. Kiara looks fresh. I was expecting a better film since it is made by Abbas Mustan. I would give this film only three stars.”

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A group of boys who watched the film said, “We were expecting some good action, but it was about okay. Commando 2 had better action sequences. The music is good. Mustafa will become a big actor some day! But ‘film nahi chalegi’.”