Andhadhun, Loveyatri and NOTA movie release: Highlights

Andhadhun, Loveyatri and NOTA movie release: Highlights

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about today's big releases - Loveyatri, NOTA and Andhadhun.

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Loveyatri and Andhadhun are clashing at the Bollywood box office.

Box office this weekend is a mixed bag. While Hollywood is offering its action film Venom and down south we have 96 and NOTA, Bollywood has two films from completely different genres. Loveyatri is the launchpad of Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain. On the other hand, director Sriram Raghavan is back with murder mystery Andhadhun.

Loveyatri, which is being backed by Salman Khan’s production banner, is a musical romantic drama about a garba teacher who goes miles for his love. While Loveyatri will give us a lot of song and dance, Andhadhun an edge of the seat suspense in store. It revolves around a blind pianist who witnesses some murders. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu and Radhika Apte, this one has already got a thumbs-up in its early reviews.

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So which film will win the box office race this weekend?

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NOTA: Our verdict

Vijay Deverakonda plays his role with a swag. And Nassar stands out with his performance as a corrupt politician with a grotesque nose. Mehreen Pirzada is nearly non-existent. Anand should be appreciated for not including a dreamy song just so she will get something to do in the film. Sanchana Natarajan and Sathyaraj play their given roles without any rewarding moment to shine.

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Salim Khan on Loveyatri

“It’s a good film. LoveYatri has a simple and nice story. It’s the kind of movie that used to be made in the 70s and 80s, when commercial movies were a blend of entertainment and Indian culture. This is my view as someone who has many years of experience in writing films. My opinion would have been the same had it been produced by another filmmaker, too. This is a clean film that you can watch with your entire family. It gives you a peek into the traditions and culture of Indian families and their festivals. Our film is based in Gujarat and it recreates the festival of Navratri in the most colourful and celebratory way,” Salim Khan said in a statement.

Loveyatri: Our verdict

While you are waiting for the time to pass, and it does with torturous slowness, you ask the obvious question: if the leading man wasn’t Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, would an entire film be made just to launch him? Silly question, I know, but what else do you expect when the film is smothered in silliness.

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Shilpa Shetty on Loveyatri

Shilpa Shetty posted on Twitter, "Just watched #LoveYatri.. such a refreshing ,fuss free #lovestory .. soooo impressed with @Warina_Hussain and @aaysharma (Great style when he dances )and both so confident for their 1st film. All the best . So proud and happy for you .Congrats @khanarpita"

Andhadhun is a cracker of a film by a maestro, says Hansal Mehta

Hansal Mehta shared on Twitter, "#AndhaDhun is a cracker of a film by a maestro. This is vintage #SriramRaghavan with quirky characters, unexpected humour and many twists in the tale. @tabuism is superlative. @ayushmannk this is your best work to date. #AnilDhawan is genius casting. @radhika_apte is so apt. The edit and screenplay are like a lesson in lean and mean storytelling. The use of music is reminiscent of masters like Raj Khosla. Had so much fun after ages. Just terrific. There was spontaneous applause throughout the screening. You couldn't help but say WOW! There were so many such moments. #SriramRaghavan is the BOSS."

NOTA: Early review

Gautham Karthik on NOTA

"Wishing @StudioGreen2 @anandshank @TheDeverakonda @SamCSmusic and the entire team of #NOTA all the very best for the release today! Rock it guys," Gautham Karthik said via Twitter.

A new star is born: Raj Kundra on Aayush Sharma

Raj Kundra tweeted, "A new star is born! @aaysharma what a wonderful performance such a natural you are! Thoroughly enjoyed #LoveYatri congrats @khanarpita @BeingSalmanKhan friends It’s a must watch!"

Andhadhun is a mind blowing film, says Vineet Singh

Vineet Singh wrote on Twitter, "Watched #Andhadhun. MIND BLOWING film. Direction, writing, background score, music, editing, actors everything is so perfect. #SriramRaghavan sir you are a genius. Excellent performance by @ayushmannk #Tabu @radhika_apte #Pawan. I would love to keep the background score with me."

Vijay Deverakonda on NOTA

In an interview with, Vijay Deverakonda said, "NOTA was a way to vent my angst against the political system. And, oh, I enjoyed playing a politician. I think anyone who has abused a politician will find NOTA relatable. The film doesn’t have any message to the audience. Also, I don’t believe in doing ‘message-oriented’ films."

Maniesh Paul on Loveyatri

Maniesh Paul posted on Twitter, "Saw #loveyatri @aaysharma and @Warina_Hussain welcome to the movies... aayush kya super dance karte hai boss!!! Guys fo and watch and show love...All the best to the team"

Andhadhun: Our verdict

Tabu is marvelous, Sriram Raghavan finally having created a fitting role for this uber-talented actress, whom we really should be seeing much more of. Ayushmann Khurrana is wonderful, too, sinking into his part.

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Loveyatri and Andhadhun had their special screenings in Mumbai. NOTA is Vijay Deverakonda's first Tamil outing.