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Israel’s Counsel General Kobb Shoshani meets The Kashmir Files actor Anupam Kher, apologises ‘on behalf of the government’

Anupam Kher took to his Twitter account and shared a video with Israel’s Counsel General Kobb Shoshani, saying that their 'friendship was too strong' to be threatened by 'vulgar remarks'.

Anupam KherAnupam Kher shared new video with Kobb Shoshani (Photo: Twitter/ Anupam Kher)

Actor Anupam Kher took another pot-shot at IFFI jury chief Nadav Lapid’s comments about his film The Kashmir Files. He took to his Twitter account and shared a video with Israel’s Counsel General Kobb Shoshani, saying that their “friendship was too strong” to be threatened by “vulgar remarks”.

In the video, Anupam introduced Kobb, who says he watched The Kashmir Files a year ago. The Consul General added, “For me, the first thing to do in the morning was to give a call to my friend, Anupam and apologise on behalf of the government of Israel, about these stupid things that have been said last night.” He further said that Anupam had been “so generous”, adding Nadav’s comments have nothing to do with the Israeli government and “belongs to a minority”. He said it was a “private opinion”.

Nadav Lapid called The Kashmir Files “propaganda, vulgar movie, inappropriate for an artistic competitive section of such a prestigious film festival” in his comments at the closing ceremony of IFFI 2022. The film, based on the exodus and killing of Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley in 1990s, had courted polarised opinions since its release. However, despite the controversies, it emerged as one of the biggest box office successes in India this year.

Earlier today, Anupam Kher had hit out at Nadav in a tweet, writing, “The truth of ‘The Kashmir files’ is stuck like a thorn in the throat of some people. They are neither able to swallow it nor spit it out! Their soul is dead and they are desperately struggling to prove the film’s truth as a lie. But our film is now a movement, not a film. The despicable #Toolkit gang keep trying.”

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Anupam had also shared posters of The Kashmir Files, along with a still of the Oscar-winning film Schindler’s List, and a few photos of the Holocaust. He wrote with the photos, “झूट का क़द कितना भी ऊँचा क्यों ना हो.. सत्य के मुक़ाबले में हमेशा छोटा ही होता है.. (No matter how big the lie may seem, it always falls small in front of the truth).” During a visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple, Anupam told reporters, “It is shameful. He should not use such a prestigious platform using people’s tragedy for his motive.”

First published on: 29-11-2022 at 22:07 IST
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