Blackmail actor Kirti Kulhari: It’s difficult for outsiders to get cast in mainstream films

Blackmail actor Kirti Kulhari: It’s difficult for outsiders to get cast in mainstream films

Blackmail actor Kirti Kulhari, who has previously worked in Pink and Shaitaan, recently said in an interview that it's still difficult for outsiders to get a role in big Bollywood films, and that star kids still have it easier.

kirti kulhari
The actor said that things are way easier for star kids

Actor Kirti Kulhari says while the influx of content-driven films has opened up opportunities for “outsiders”, it still remains a struggle for them to bag pivotal roles in mainstream Hindi movies.

The Pink actor said she is happy that there is a “big shift” in cinema today, but believes outsiders still find it tough to make a mark.

“It’s still difficult for outsiders in mainstream films. You will not find outsiders getting main, important roles in big films. The difficult part is to meet the right people,” Kirti told PTI.

Kirti feels things are pretty easy for the star kids as they do not need to introduce themselves to the big production houses.


The actor believes the fact that producers do not have to spend money on marketing industry kids, therefore making them the preferred choice over actors who are “nobodies”.

“So, there’s an advantage. All you have to do is make a film with them. Half of your publicity is already in place. With a new person, you have to start from scratch.”

“(Also) With social media, everyone’s a star. Everyone, like (star) kids, they start tweeting, putting their pictures, getting likes and more followers and becoming popular. That’s what counts these days. Opportunities are very difficult to come to you because you are a nobody,” she added.

Kirti, however, said one has to keep moving ahead and not whine about the way the industry functions.

“Good work will come to you when your film does well. All that matters is the Friday that’s gone by. It is true that no matter how good your film is, you get judged purely on the basis of how well it does at the box-office. Your career is decided for at least another one year.”

“It does mess with my head. One just accepts it for what it is and I have to make the best choices out of the choices available to me or by making a choice by not doing anything because I would rather wait,” the 32-year-old actor said.

Kirti is now looking forward to the release of Blackmail, a dark comedy starring Irrfan Khan. It is slated to hit theatres on April 6