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After KGF 2 and RRR’s success, Manoj Bajpayee says no one is talking about quality of films: ‘Sab 1000 cr mein phase hain’

Manoj Bajpayee shared after two years of appreciating good content on OTT platforms, the race towards the biggest number on the box office is back again.

manoj bajpayeeManoj Bajpayee talked about how the discussion around a film is now limited only to its box office.

Before Manoj Bajpayee took over the OTT space with his Prime Video web series The Family Man, the actor was known as a stellar performer on the silver screen. But unlike the ‘mainstream’ films, his movies were hardly seen as money makers at the box office. Manoj, in a recent chat, shared that after appreciating content in the OTT space for two years, the race towards the biggest number at the box office is back again.

Talking to Puja Talwar, Manoj said, “No one is talking about the film, or how it is. No one wants to discuss the film, its performances, the other departments who have contributed in making that film.” Manoj further added that after the last few months, all anyone cares about is making it to the Rs 1000 crore club. He said, “Hum sab 1000 cr, 300 cr, 400 cr mein phase hue hain aur yeh jhagda kayi salaon se chal raha hai. Mujhe lagta hai yeh khatam hone vala hai nahi. (We are all stuck at 1000 cr, 300 cr, 400 cr, and this fight has been going on for years. I think this mess is not going to end.)”

Manoj then laughingly pointed out that even mainstream filmmakers are being questioned by their own. He laughed and said, “Aapki film kyun nahi chal rahi? Ab mainstream valo se yeh sawaal pucha ja raha hai. Mainsteam vale jo hain, unko katghare mein khada kar rahe hain unke hi log. (Why are your films not working? Now the mainstream filmmakers are being questioned about this. They are being asked to take the stand, by their own people).”

Manoj spoke about his own career and acknowledged that he was never a part of the industry where everyone is concerned with box office numbers. He added, “Humare liye, humari filmo ka theatre mein release ho paana pehle bhi boht mushkil tha, aaj toh mujhe lag raha hai 1000 crore ke chakkar mein toh aur bhi mushkil ho jayega (For us, getting our films released in a theatre was an uphill battle before and today, after the 1000 crore race has started, it will be even harder).”

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Manoj shared that OTT platforms have been a boon. “It is a boon for actors like me, it is a boon for so many other talents from so many other faculties and it is heart-warming to see all of them busy and consumed by OTT and such amazing work that they are doing.”

Manoj is set to reprise his role as Srikant Tiwari in the third season of The Family Man.

First published on: 11-05-2022 at 15:21 IST
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