Katrina Kaif unlucky in love? Read to find out what she has to say

An EXCLUSIVE interaction with Katrina Kaif, where she talks about love, life and more.

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: February 1, 2016 12:22:19 pm
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Interviewing Katrina Kaif presents an interesting challenge. For starters, she won’t answer any questions regarding her alleged break-up with Ranbir Kapoor. So, we decided to adopt a different path and Katrina ended up dropping some subtle hints on what could have perhaps gone wrong. All we had to do was read between the lines. Excerpts from the conversation.

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Question: Katrina, have you ever been unlucky in love?

Katrina: (Repeats the question) Have I ever been unlucky in love..hmm..anyone who has ever experienced love or been in love is lucky regardless of the outcome. That’s like the one way you can look at it. I hear so many people sometimes saying, ‘Oh I have never been in love.’ Yesterday, I was talking to someone who said, ‘I have never felt that kind of Fitoor or obsession or infatuation for a person. So, I think anyone who experiences love in their life is lucky.

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Question: But you do have right?

Katrina: Do have what?

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Question: We all know that you do have experienced that fitoor for somebody.

Katrina: See now that’s something I won’t tell u. Am I a passionate person by nature, do I believe in the intensity or depth of love, yes. There are some people who are very pragmatic. There are some people whose philosophy and approach to love is very very practical. I will marry a person like this or I will marry a person who my family decides is right or society decides is right or for whom it is an arrangement.

Question: Is marriage an arrangement for you as well?

Katrina: No. I believe marriage is the joining of two human beings, their souls and their minds. And that should be the only factor involved and there should only be each other in it. You can love your family, your family can be your world. My mom is my world. My mom will always respect whoever I love or choose to love. So, I think for every individual love means different things. You talk to some people and you will find they are pragmatic and practical about love. It is almost like love is an arrangement or love is a settlement between two people.

Question: So is that what love is today, an arrangement and settlement?

Katrina: For different people, I guess.

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Question: Do you think every love story today has a happy ending today?

Katrina: I think every love story can have a happy ending. It’s up to each individual. It’s up to my choices, it’s up to your choices.

Question: Are you saying it’s not just in your control and you need two hands to clap?

Katrina: It’s exactly that. Unfortunately, that is the drama of love. If love was in one person’s control, then it would start well, go on well and end well. And there would be no movies. There wouldn’t be a Fitoor or a DDLJ. Love is about two individuals, two minds have to agree and come together. That has to work out. You have heard the line, ‘Yeh ishq nahi aasan.’ There are many interpretations and one of them is love is like fire. You go through it. Then there are some people who can go around it.

Question: What about you. How will you face the fire of love?

Katrina: (Smiles) I would dive straight into the middle of it. But then I would put on a fire suit to protect and shield myself.

Question: Lastly, tell us have you moved out of the apartment that you and Ranbir shared?

Katrina: (Smilingly points to a box of cookies in her hand) I must recommend this box of cookies to you.

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