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Katrina Kaif: I’ve got more acceptance than criticism

Katrina Kaif on surviving Bollywood from Boom to Dhoom 3,dealing with competition,criticism and making time for things that she loves.

Katrina Kaif on surviving Bollywood from ‘Boom’ to ‘Dhoom 3’,dealing with competition,criticism and making time for things that she loves.

Ques: You’ve worked with Salman Khan,Akshay Kumar,Hrithik Roshan,Shah Rukh Khan and now Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3. Did you wish for something like that when you started your career?

Katrina: No. I just wanted to be a part of good films. The fact that I have worked with legends in our industry is great. It’s my good luck,but who is cast opposite me is immaterial. I have worked with many young and relatively new actors too.

Ques: Does being a Dhoom heroine bring special demands for the character? How did you prepare for the role?


Katrina: The franchisee is a lot about style — the girls have to be glamorous,look fashionable and edgy. I play a circus performer,an acrobat,and to look the part I went through months of training. I have had to do most physical hard work for ‘Dhoom 3’. It involved a lot of “performance” and using certain circus apparatuses,like hoops and straps. It’s not something that you can just come on the sets and say I’ll do it in a few hours.

Ques: Did you perform your own stunts in the movie?

Katrina: There must be a total of only three shots in the film that haven’t been done by me. And you will be able to tell those scenes. I’m not athletic by nature. So the whole package that my character (Alia) had to offer,in terms of doing something unlike me,was appealing.

Ques: Your box-office records have been unquestionable but people have been critical of your acting skills. How do you take criticism and how much do you introspect and try to improve?

Katrina: The job of critics is to have an opinion,and as an actor I respect that. At times they are useful,they throw good insights and sometimes they don’t. As long as I know where to push myself I don’t need anyone to tell me that. Before you can tell me,I already know where I should have done better. I’m reasonably self-critical. Had I not believed so,I wouldn’t have put in time to prepare myself for the roles.

Ques: Do you get time to watch films given your frenetic pace of life?

Katrina: I have been watching a lot of foreign TV shows lately such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy,Top of the Lake,Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Killing’. You always get time to do what interests you. I always seek out these things so I can learn. But I need to catch up on Hindi films.

Ques: Do you think people have been unfairly critical of you?

Katrina: I don’t think people have been critical of me,whatever I have faced whether it is good,indifferent or not so positive has been very balanced throughout my career. In the years I have been here I’ve got more acceptance than criticism. I don’t think I have ever been treated unjustly.

Ques: How does competition affect you?

Katrina: I wish I could say it does but it doesn’t because I’m too focused on what I am doing. I’m too driven to hold anyone else’s benchmark as a mark for myself. I know what I want to achieve in my own head. Competition only keeps you on your toes.

Ques: Recently in Koffee with Karan,Ranbir Kapoor said that the leaked photographs of you and him in Ibiza didn’t bother him much because he considers it a part and parcel of being a movie star. Did the pictures anger you?

Katrina: The pictures came as a shock and it irritated me. It was more because it was a precedent to something that has not happened here before — the pictures of a personal moment like this have never come out in all the years I’ve been working in India. If something like that happens again,I won’t be surprised anymore because now we are aware of the media’s reach. I won’t be okay with it,but I’ll be prepared for it.

Ques: When you look back through the 10 years in the industry from Boom to Dhoom 3,what do you attribute your success to?

Katrina: Destiny,luck,hard work,timing and a large part of it is to do with being true to myself. Maybe that came from the lack of knowledge of being something else but that’s what worked for me.

Ques: Considering that you have mostly done big,mainstream films till now,do you contemplate doing something more female-oriented and non-mainstream?

Katrina: Firstly,I don’t segregate films as female-oriented or mainstream. A film is a film and if it offers me something challenging I’ll do it. Yes,since ‘Dhoom 3’ has a lot of dance,performance and physical movements,now I’ll probably be in the mood to do something more personal and intimate.

Ques: As an artiste,do social issues affect you? Do you believe you should reflect those in your work?


Katrina: I don’t think they need to be reflected in your craft. You can use your voice to support causes or charity.