Karan Johar tells Alia Bhatt 128 people are invited to his birthday party. Watch their videohttps://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/karan-johar-tells-alia-bhatt-128-people-are-invited-to-his-birthday-party-watch-their-video-4673483/

Karan Johar tells Alia Bhatt 128 people are invited to his birthday party. Watch their video

Alia Bhatt asked Karan Johar why is he even nervous about his birthday party since he keeps hosting many parties at his residence every week.

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Karan Johar has found an inheritor of his talk shows in Alia Bhatt. 

Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar’s prodigy went live on Facebook with Karan Johar on his 45th birthday. The Dear Zindagi actor revealed a lot about the filmmaker’s daily routine, his relationship with his two children Roohi and Yash and his obsession with parties which Karan actually never organises. The video captioned, “Karan Johar’s Birthday Unplugged ft. Alia Bhatt For the first time ever, presenting #KaranJohar ft. #AliaBhatt LIVE! The celebrations begin!” was a testimony to the close bond the actor-director share.

The live video began with Alia revealing the party plans of Karan for his birthday as she asked Karan how is he going to manage 180 people at his house at his birthday bash. In his defense, Karan corrected Alia by saying that they are just 128 and not 180. Teasing Karan who is nervous for his birthday celebrations tonight, Alia said, “Why are you even nervous? There is a bash at your place every week.” To this Karan clarified that there is not a party organised every week at his residence. “I do not organise a party every week. But, every time a dinner with family friends happens, it gets tagged as a party though it is not,” said Karan.

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Then came the question which the entire film fraternity and the Bollywood fans want to ask Karan? When is he introducing his bundles of joy, Roohi and Yash to the world? “Not anytime soon,” is what Bollywood’s Suitable Boy had as a reply. Adding to it he said “I am going to keep them guarded for a while. They are too young to be introduced to the world.”


The filmmaker narrated an incident when his mother Hiroo Johar mistakenly uploaded a picture of the munchkins on the micro-blogging website, Twitter and he was left fuming. Karan said, “My mother was doing something with the picture of Roohi and Yash on her phone and it got uploaded by mistake. She freaked out and called me. Thankfully, the picture didn’t reach anybody’s hands and we rested in peace.” But Karan also ensured that he will introduce his munchkins as he wants the world to know how beautiful his kids look.

Before Yash and Roohi were born, Alia Bhatt was Karan’s adopted child whom he loves dearly. In an earlier interview, he said for Alia, “She might end up inheriting some of my properties and whatever money I’m left with.” On his 45th birthday, Alia recalls how Karan made her feel comfortable at his 40th birthday party which also happened to be Alia’s first Karan Johar party. “I really can’t forget how Karan left everything in his party and held my hand for next half an hour to introduce me to everybody,” recalled Alia.

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As the chat went casual, Alia started the rapid fire session titled, “Aaloo with Alia”. She asked Karan around 45 questions and by the end of the session, Karan was sure that he has found an inheritor for his chat show, Koffee with Karan. In one of the questions, Karan revealed that the soundtrack which is stuck in his mind currently is ‘Radio Song’ from Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tubelight. We hope Shah Rukh Khan is reading this.

On a serious note, Karan said that he wants to learn some acting skills from Amitabh Bachchan and direction skills from Baahubali 2 director SS Rajamouli. The live video ended with Karan Johar cutting his birthday cake and Alia Bhatt gifting him a pullover with “#DaddyOfTheYear” written on it.