Karan Johar talks about all the ‘Don’ts’ he faced in life, gives a reply to his haters in the most classic manner. Watch videohttps://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/karan-johar-talks-about-all-the-donts-he-faced-in-life-gives-a-reply-to-his-haters-in-the-most-classic-manner-watch-video-4644741/

Karan Johar talks about all the ‘Don’ts’ he faced in life, gives a reply to his haters in the most classic manner. Watch video

Karan Johar in a TVC talks about his life decisions, and what people thought about it, and it makes perfect sense.

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Karan Johar is suave and sarcastic, and it is perfect for this TVC.

Karan Johar, called the flagbearer of nepotism by Kangana Ranaut spoke about his stand, what he thinks of Kangana’s opinion and everything at length. This latest video from Dharma Productions is not about nepotism or Kangana. It is about Karan Johar. It is about a director, who heard that he was too young to be a director. It is about a man who was told not to work on concepts or ideas that were new. It is about a well-known filmmaker who got advices about filmmaking, and mostly about how not to do films about homosexuality or infidelity. Karan Johar has chosen to smash all of this with class and poise, two other things the 40 something director is known for.

This video also happens to be the debut of Dharma 2.0, another branch of Dharma Productions. Directed by debutante Sharan Sharma, Karan delivers his dialogue with perfect panache and a lot of sarcasm. Not all might understand the disdain in his voice, or why a well-known director who is at the top of his game is talking about this at this moment. But, think about it. Even a person, who is considered to have been an insider in the insider has been discouraged from doing something passionate. It took guts to not care about all the well-wishers advice that he had got and make his own decisions.

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The video, which is a TVC for Johnie Walker is Karan Johar’s answer to all those accusations and questions that he has faced from the beginning of his career to now.