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Kangana Ranaut on her directorial debut Teju: I’ll be charging as an actor, director and producer

Kangana Ranaut feels ready to take up the challenge of being a director. The Simran actor has already started working on the project with Tanu Weds Manu helmer Shailesh Singh. Kangana also revealed that she would be playing a grandmother in the film.

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Kangana Ranaut to play grandmother in Teju.

Kangana Ranaut recently featured in an AIB video which among others things also highlighted the pay disparity between a male and female actor. The actor, however, is extremely clear about how she wants to get her remuneration when she turns director with her next film Teju. Kangana said that she will charge for acting, directing and even share profits as a producer for her directorial debut. “I will be sharing the profits. (Smiles) I’ll be charging as an actor, as a director and will be sharing profits as the producer,” said the actor in an interview to Filmfare.

Earlier in an interview with indianexpress.com, Kangana spoke about why Teju is the best project to make a debut as a director. She said, “It is a children’s film, and I have a lot of ideas and excitement for it. But it will be a difficult project to pull off, and I am looking forward to it. It will be a light-hearted film, I can’t call it comedy, but most definitely a nice film. This is what I wanted to do.”

The actor would be playing an 80-year-old grandmother in Teju and will be use prosthetics to undergo a makeover. Teju will be filmed in Kangana’s home state Himachal Pradesh.

It will be jointly produced by her production house Manikarnika Films in association with Paramhans Films of Shailesh Singh and is expected to hit the theatres in 2018.