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Jab Harry Met Sejal: We don’t mind seeing 51-year-old Shah Rukh Khan play a lover boy. Here is why

Jab Harry Met Sejal: It's not about Shah Rukh Khan not repeating his old antics that has made us sit and take notice. It is his new 'romantic' energy and tone in Jab Harry Met Sejal co-starring Anushka Sharma that has piqued our curiosity. Let's not raise our hopes just now.

shah rukh khan, anushka sharma, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Jab Harry Met Sejal movie Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma in a stil from Jab Harry Met Sejal.

If not Shah Rukh Khan, then who else? Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trails are a sort of relief. A little nagging feeling inside you expects Shah Rukh to open his arms anytime and show us his signature move that made him a romantic superstar. But thank god, he doesn’t break into his style. We are hoping that he doesn’t do any cliched thing in next two mini trails that are yet to be unveiled. He is also not romancing the leading lady under falling snow.

Let’s also not pretend that we have many young budding actors who can easily replace Shah Rukh Khan’s charm. Our young superstars are more busy with experimenting with different roles. Few can match his raw on-screen persona and energy. There has also been a sort of vacuum of romance in Hindi films for quite some time now. It has been replaced by some mind-boggling concoction of loud music and pale chemistry.

But it’s not about Shah Rukh not repeating his old antics that has made us sit and take notice. It is his new ‘romantic’ energy and tone in Jab Harry Met Sejal that has piqued our curiosity. Let’s not raise our hopes just now. While we have to wait for the movie to unleash Shah Rukh’s ‘new’ romantic side, he has surely been a revelation in all the mini trails. It also makes us wonder what took the actor so long to unravel his new ‘romantic’ side. We watched the mini trails closely and dug a few details about Shah Rukh’s new lover-boy side:

1. Shah Rukh Khan is finally given a curious ‘character’
So, yeah. He is no longer your ideal romantic, charming good boy whose only job is to woo his heroines. Here he is self-confessed cheap and warns Anushka that she should stay away from him as he is a womaniser. Thank Imtiaz Ali for giving layers and nuances to Shah Rukh’s character. SRK deserves meatier roles.

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2. Shah Rukh is not looking any younger here but….
An actor can easily hide his age under the garb of his acting talent. You notice a few wrinkles on his face. His face also looks a bit tired. But have you noticed that how SRK is able to match young Anushka’s energy? Their banter and constant sparring don’t let you notice SRK’S age. In fact, Shah Rukh is looking sexier than ever.

3. Shah Rukh Khan has got a new tone
Let’s just accept that sometimes we just don’t want to see an actor’s swag. Shah Rukh is seen here speaking both Punjabi and Gujarati with an ease and finesse. There is an undertone of raw energy and sparkling earthiness to his personality. He is perhaps after a long time, not playing the superstar Shah Rukh Khan on screen. You can instantly relate to his cranky mannerisms.

4. Shah Rukh Khan is romancing a young actress but…
Surprisingly, Anushka Sharma’s character here is that of a modern woman with a certain goofiness to her personality. She is playing a perfect damsel in distress. We see SRK reacting to Anushka’s inanity with more of his own. Their chemistry is sparkling. Both Shah Rukh and Anushka have finally managed to crack the curious case of on-screen chemistry here which has been clearly absent in movies in recent times.


5. Shah Rukh Khan is working with Imtiaz Ali and that means…
Imtiaz Ali has always been able to extract something new from his actors. We saw Ranbir Kapoor unravelling his grim side in Rockstar. In these times, if someone has the magic wand to sprinkle some novelty in romantic tales, it is Imtiaz Ali. Has he managed to extract something new from Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Harry Met Sejal too? We will get to know soon.

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