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“I’ve never met anyone as kind as Farooq Saab” – Vashu Bhagnani

Vashu Bhagnani: I've never met anyone as kind and generous as Farooq Saab.

Saturday was the last day of shooting for the dear and departed Farooq Sheikh’s last film ‘Youngistan’.

In Indore where the film was wrapped up on December 28,producer Vashu Bhagnani ordered 5 kilos of jalebi for the entire unit from Farooq Sheikh’s favourite mithai shop in Indore.

Says Vashu emotionally,”In October,Farooq Saab had personally got us jalebis from this particular shop and force-fed all of us. I am not a jalebi guy. But I enjoyed Farooq Saab’s insistent warmth. On the last day of shooting we celebrated his positive spirit by ordering his favourite jalebis in Indore.”

Farooq Saab completed his shooting,including a scene featuring a superstar who is yet to shoot. Apparently Ajay Devgn is to make a guest appearance in a scene with Farooq. The late actor shot the scene without his co-star.


In hindsight,Vashu feels Farooq Saab had premonition of his death. “We were supposed to shoot all of Farooq Saab’s scenes in January 2014. But he insisted on pre-poning his schedule. In fact he gave up two others film to accommodate ‘Youngistan’. Before leaving for Dubai with his family,he insisted on completing all his work. Dubbing toh karni nahin tthi …,since the entire film is in sync sound.”

Vashu is unwilling to reveal much about the scene that Farooq shot with his ghost-actor. “All I’ll say is,Farooq Saab insisted on shooting a scene with a superstar without the superstar’s presence. True to his nature he made sure no one was inconvenienced by his sudden departure. I’ve encountered all kinds of actors in my career as a producer. But I’ve never met anyone as kind and generous as Farooq Saab.”

Vashu feels his son has transformed in the late Farooq Sheikh’s company. “Jackky is very lucky to have worked with Farooq Saab. Even Shah Rukh Khan has expressed regret about not having worked with Farooq Saab. Jackky has learnt so much. I think Jackky is now a changed person and actor. He has evolved as a human being and an actor. They did a two-week workshop together. It proved to be a mind-opener for my son. Farooq Saab took Jackky under his wings,showed him how to open up in front of the camera. My son and I owe Farooq Saab a debt.”

Talking about his close bonding with Farooq Saab,Jackky said,”Farooq sir was my constant inspiration,guide and teacher. Every time after a shot,his critical feedback helped me better my skills as an actor. I cherish his one particular message after a crucial scene,where he praised me for growing as an actor from the time film shoot started.”

Producers – N P Singh from MSM Motion Pictures & Vashu Bhagnani,Puja Entertainment stated,”We all are devastated by the news of Farooq ji’s demise as we had formed a great bond with him while shooting ‘Youngistan’. Apart from being a great actor,he was also a great human being and we shall all miss him dearly. God bless his soul.”