I’m not getting financiers for my next film: Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor says he is ready with scripts for his next film but is struggling to find producers to back the project.

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: May 15, 2016 2:02:32 pm

Rajat Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor upcoming films, Mixed Doubles, Mithya, Ankhon Dekhi, new wave in indian cinema, french new wave, Entertainment news Rajat Kapoor says he is ready with scripts for his next film but is struggling to find producers.

It has been two years since his last directorial venture, much-acclaimed “Ankhon Dekhi”, released and actor-filmmaker Rajat Kapoor says he is ready with scripts for his next film but is struggling to find producers to back the project.

The 2014 film about existentialism, received appreciation from all quarters, but Kapoor says he has been looking for money for his new film for the past two years with no success.

“I have three scripts ready to go. I am just looking for money for the past two years. It gets very frustrating at times. But when it will come, I will make something. I hope by the end of this year, I can start something new,” he told PTI.

Despite having a credible titles like “Mithya” and “Ankhon Dekhi”, Kapoor says finding a producer is a constant battle.

“Even now people watch my earlier films. People watch ‘Ankhon Dekhi’ and tweet to me even after two years. It is a happy thing for me. But still there will always be a struggle for me to find money for my next film. Looking for money is going to be a constant battle, even after having a credible resume.”

Kapoor says despite people constantly talking about the new wave in Indian cinema, there is no such phenomenon as only a handful of filmmakers are experiencing the so-called “new wave”.

“There is no new wave of cinema. It is absolutely rubbish. Every six months a new wave is discovered. There is no wave. A wave would mean something like what happened in French cinema in the early ’60s.

“In India, it was during the ’70s with people like Mani Kaul, Vinod Chopra, Kundan Shah among others. That was a good time. There is not new wave now as one or two filmmakers making certain films is not a new wave,” he says to a question.

Kapoor was recently seen on the big screen in Karan Johar produced “Kapoor & Sons” where he played the head of a dysfunctional family with two grown-up sons.

The actor says being an outsider in Bollywood, it is not easy to get good roles and this film offered him a well- fleshed out part.

“For an actor like me, who is not from Bollywood a sort of outsider, to get an opportunity to do a good role like that was a good experience. It was a interesting role, the production house was big.”

When asked if he feared being stereotyped as a father, Kapoor says it was not a concern for him as he has been getting interesting roles but the films were not so good.

“I am getting a lot of different roles. In fact, in the last two months, I was offered role of a gangster and all but unfortunately the scripts were not nice. So, I could not do it.”

Kapoor has explored some of the most interesting themes and concept in his movies – “Mixed Doubles” about couple swapping, gangster drama “Mithya” or “Ankhon Dekhi”, about an elderly man troubled with existential questions.

Unfortunately, despite all the critical acclaim coming his way, these films were discovered by the audience later.

Kapoor attributes this to absence of big stars in his movies. “Because there are no stars in my films. I am open to working with stars but it has to be two-sided.”

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