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I hope to be a part of Krrish 4: Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor said he shared a special director-actor pairing with Rakesh Roshan.

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor,who launched the trailer of the superhero franchise Krrish 3 said he hopes to be a part of Krrish 4.

“I feel privileged and honoured to launch or anchor or whatever you call it the trailer of Krrish 3. Guddu (as director Rakesh Roshan is fondly called) has a 100 per cent track record as a filmmaker. He is a great father and a husband,a fantastic friend…his friendship goes on for years and years no matter if anyone achieves box office success or not and that is what I admire about him,” Anil Kapoor said.

“I hope to be part of Krrish 4,” the actor added.

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Anil Kapoor also said he shared a special director-actor pairing with Rakesh Roshan as together they had delivered many hit films.

“Like there was this hit jodi (pair) of Amitabh Bachchan and Manmohan Desai,Karan Johar-Shah Rukh Khan…the same way,I felt Guddu and me were also a jodi,” Anil Kapoor said.

“…But Hrithik came in the way and broke our jodi,” he said in a lighter vein. Anil Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan worked together in films like Kala Bazaar,Kishen Kanhaiya,Khel and others. Hence,when Rakesh Roshan asked Anil Kapoor to launch the Krrish 3 event and introduce the star cast,he immediately agreed.

Rakesh Roshan thanked Anil for coming to the event at such a short notice.

“This gesture of him will always remain in my heart. Hrithik says when he started his career,everybody who observed him said he performed like Anil Kapoor…that is because he worked closely with him while he assisted me on Anil Kapoor’s films,” he said.

“My model of acting was based on Anil Kapoor…he is a fantastic person and actor. He is so young today that I can’t even call him uncle,” Hrithik said.

Anil Kapoor introduced the film’s trailer and actors-Hrithik Roshan,Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut.

“The poster of the film has already got 10 lakh hits and created a history. The trailer looks amazing,it is unbelievable,I am speechless…I don’t know what to say,” Anil Kapoor said.

Krrish 3,the third instalment will take forward the story of the superhero,played by Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. Starring Hrithik,Priyanka Chopra,Kangana Ranuat and Vivek Oberoi it is set for a November 4 release.