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Hrithik Roshan: I would have been packed off if Super 30 didn’t work

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan on his learning from Super 30, and how it changed him as a father.

Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 has earned over Rs 200 crore.

Hrithik Roshan’s latest outing Super 30 is still playing in theaters. Having being announced tax-free in many states, the film has already raked in more than Rs 200 crore. The Kaabil actor for the first time in his career attempted to play a real-life person. And with the kind of positive reviews that he garnered for his convincing portrayal of mathematician Anand Kumar, seems like his hard work has definitely paid off.

In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Hrithik shares the similarities between him and Anand Kumar, his learning from Super 30, and how it changed him as a father.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

After playing macho roles and even a superhero, what made you get into the skin of a real character?

I think I love exploring different aspects of my personality. I keep reminding myself to peel off layers of ego and attachment from anything that people have already loved. So be it six-packs abs or the macho characters, I want to be devoid of all such attachments. What’s important for me is to explore the good and the bad. I am an adventurer in my heart. I want to experience and understand every kind of emotion so that I can navigate my life better. When I read the script of Super 30, I instantly felt that this is what I want to say. It was so beautiful and resonated with me. I knew at that moment that I have to do it.

Did you find any similarities between you and Anand Kumar?

Actually, quite a lot. When I read his story, I thought this man is me. I want these qualities in me, be it of resilience or the wish for a greater good. These are the values that I hold at my highest. I won’t say I have achieved all of it but in my heart, that’s actually what I aspire.

It’s a known fact now that you almost took a year to get into the character. What were your biggest challenges?

The fact that I was very aware that it is going to be a tough process, made my work a little easy. I was relaxed because I knew I could feel the emotion. I will never do a film where I don’t admire the character. And I had deep admiration for this man. I knew it would be difficult but I was so inspired and motivated by him that it turned out to be an enriching process.

The young actors who played your students in the film were very impressive. While you must have been a school for them, is there anything you learnt from them?

Working with them taught me how to be more open-minded. I understood that when God distributes talent, wisdom, wit or even the attitude of being cool, he doesn’t look at geography or economics. These qualities can be found in the weirdest places. It has made me immune to judging a person and I am never going to do that again.

And did it in any way change you as a father?

It has filled me with more sense of responsibility. I want my sons to be more accepting and understanding of people regardless of the background they come from. I want them to be able to talk, joke and have fun like any other kids, without feeling awkward. That’s my desire and I have already spoken to my kids about it.

Seeing the kind of numbers the film is making, do you think Super 30 came at the right time in your career?

Had it not worked, it could have turned into the worst. People would have otherwise completely packed me off. After playing a blind man in Kaabil, it made more sense to do something like a Dhoom or Krrish to break the image and than attempt a Super 30. But it was my good fortune or bad fortune that I did not get anything exciting. I thus put everything in this, and I am glad the audience could sense and love our honesty and hard work.

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