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Here’s why we prefer Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone’s sparkling chemistry over Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif’s cold vibes

All Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been able to do is confuse the audience with doling out small doses of their love-hate relationship. For one thing, they can't seem to decide their mind. Their new-found vibe suggests that they were forced to promote Jagga Jasoos.

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There is no place for emotions in showbiz. The moment camera switches on, you have to bury your personal hatchet and put forward your best show. Something that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have failed to do during Jagga Jasoos promotions. They might have tried to weave a new narrative around their ever-shifting story, but their efforts seem to tumble down as the release date nears.

Let’s not take the audience for granted. Can we? They have a nose for genuine stories. So if a Kangana Ranaut takes on Karan Johar, they are interested in listening to what she has to say. When Deepika Padukone opens her heart about depression, we believe her. You see, we never look down upon someone who has something honest to say.

All Ranbir and Katrina have been able to do is confuse the audience with doling out small doses of their love-hate relationship. For one thing, they can’t seem to decide their mind. Their new-found vibe suggests that they were forced to promote the movie and if given a chance, they would run away from each other. That’s not the only angle to their story.

They have failed to provide a window to their genuine bond with each other. Not that we complain. But why give a false story to the audience? The first promotional event saw Ranbir and Katrina taking a jibe at each other. Ranbir crossed the line when he used a slang to insult Katrina. In some interviews floating on the internet, Ranbir can be seen mansplaining to Katrina. Ranbir even said Katrina Kaif hasn’t overacted in her movies because she can’t act. During other interviews, they seem to be not interested in what each other has to say. Interestingly, when a journo during an interview asked both of them about what they would name each other’s biopics, here’s what they said.

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Katrina said that Ranbir Kapoor’s biopic should be called ‘mean’. On the other hand, Ranbir said that Katrina’s biopic should be called ‘I, Me and Myself’.

Later both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif tried to do damage control. Katrina Kaif said both she and Ranbir share ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ relationship with each other. Ranbir Kapoor said that he will need Katrina Kaif in his life. But the damage was already done and the audience wasn’t going to buy any more of their adulterated story.

It should also be noted that the film Jagga Jasoos may become the ultimate victim of this bad PR machinery. Both Katrina and Ranbir could have behaved more professionally and should have put their film Jagga Jasoos before selling out their personal story. In confusing the audience, they have lost a glorious opportunity to tell the audience about their four years of efforts and hard work.


Now, let’s talk about Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. If reports are to be believed then they both dated for two years, before breaking up. Deepika and Ranbir have done two films-Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Tamasha post their break-up. But their chemistry was on fire during the promotions of Tamasha. Their chemistry during the promotions is also believed to be one of the reasons behind tension between Ranbir and Katrina.

Nevertheless, Ranbir and Deepika managed to pique audience’s interest with their positive, vibrant bond. Both acted like professionals and complimented each other for their body of work. One of the reasons why Deepika-Ranbir equation worked during Tamasha promotions was their coming to terms with reality. Deepika was dating Ranveer Singh at that point of time but confessed that she is a close friend to Ranbir. It also helped that both came together on screen after a certain gap of break up with each other.

There was a lot of speculations about their new-found bond post break-up. And Deepika and Ranbir managed to milk the opportunity. The credit goes to their courage to show the genuine side of their bond. Deepika laughed at Ranbir’s jokes and Ranbir admired Deepika’s smile.


Could Ranbir and Katrina have created the same spark during Jagga Jasoos promotions? Maybe. Maybe not. But they could have at least attempted to say something honest here. A lot has been said and written about their relationship. But do Katrina and Ranbir have something new to say about? Or they are just as bored with each other as the audience with this endless swirl of rumors?

First published on: 10-07-2017 at 08:49:23 pm
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