Here’s why Alok Nath is trending on Twitter

Here’s why Alok Nath is trending on Twitter

Alok Nath seems to have become Twitter's number one trending topic since Sunday night.

Bollywood actor Alok Nath,who is best known for his role of Haveli Ram in Ramesh Sippy’s television series ‘Buniyaad’,seems to have become Twitter’s number one trending topic since Sunday night.

It started off with one funny tweet saying,”Our nation only learnt about heart attacks because of Alok Nath. This was quickly followed by another tweet saying,”Alok Nath wears sweater in Mumbai because his mom in Punjab felt cold”.

Since then there has been an absolute barrage of unflattering tweets and jibes about the actor who isn’t even on Twitter to reply to the Tweeple.

Alok Nath was trending even faster with many tweets wondering why the actor was suddenly trending in the first place. What’s interesting is that most of the jokes reveolve around family values and the word ‘sanskaar’.

Here are some of the tweets:


Alok Nath is so innocent that he ended up paying service tax for the next ten years after watching its ad.

Ajatshatru Sharma @TheAjatshatru 2h: When Alok Nath was born,nurse greeted his father by saying- ” Badhai ho BABUJI hue hain.”

Sujit Agrawal @imsujitagrawal 16s: “Alok Nath wants twitter to add ‘Aashirwad’ button.”

When you type Alok nath on Google search,”I’m feeling Lucky” changes to “I’m feeling Sanskari” :-P

Dorkstar @Dorkstar 14h: Alok Nath went to Vaishno Devi for his bachelors party. With his family.

King_Drunkard_IV @KingDrunkard 12h: Salman Khan is virgin because He fell in love with Alok Nath’s daughter in his first movie as a hero.

A_K @citytroglodyte 25m: #AlokNath must be banging his head on a shivling praying ki ab tweets bas karo! kal raat se mujhpar atyachar ho raha hai!

A.A.A.P. @anurag_srkian1 30m: & When Alok Nath is Out Of Reach On His Phone Call It Says ” Jis Upbhokta Ko Ap call Karna Chahte Hai Wo Abhi Havan Kar Rahe Hai @TheAnuragg