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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hansal Mehta: Purchased actual footage to keep Omerta as real as possible

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Omerta stars Rajkummar Rao. The actor will be seen playing terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh in the film. It will release on April 20.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: March 20, 2018 6:45:05 pm
Hansal Mehta on Omerta Hansal Mehta’s Omerta stars Rajkummar Rao as terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta says that to make his film Omerta, which is based on terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh’s life, as authentic as possible, he purchased real-life footage from a number of sources. Footage of the Kandahar attack, media footage following the 9/11 attack in the US and other clips were acquired from a whole range of sources by the film’s team.

“When it comes to the film, everything has to be credible. To ensure we kept it as real as possible, we purchased the actual footage. The film covers various crucial events from world history. I had to buy these videos from different agencies. They were bought in bits and pieces through the years,” Mehta said in a statement.

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Omerta was shot in real locations across London and India. It is woven around some of the most bloody terror attacks, including the 9/11 attack and the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl. In an interview with, Hansal Mehta shared that beheading of Daniel Pearl is one of the striking moments in the film.

“The killing of Daniel Pearl is one of the brutal moments in the film. It just happened. Rajkummar (Rao) got so much violence within himself. The violence in that sequence is incredible, even without any graphics. It scares you. The sound, look and Raj, it scares you. I was not scared but this was a different person and I was happy he was not the Raj I would want to spend the time in the evening,” said the filmmaker.

Presented by Swiss Entertainment and Karma Media, produced by Nahid Khan and directed by Mehta, Omerta stars Rajkummar Rao. It will release on April 20.

(With inputs of IANS)

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