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Had SRK,Salman Khan worked in Ishkq in Paris,it would have been a flop: Preity Zinta

I could have asked any of my friends,Shah Rukh,Aamir or Salman Khan,to come on board.

It must be a trying time for you — release of Ishkq in Paris was delayed due to director Prem Raj’s cancer diagnosis and now the IPL spot-fixing controversy?

It’s been hell. Prem’s illness did delay the film’s release but he has thankfully recovered. The spot-fixing controversy has caused a dip in the team’s morale as well as mine. After all,the joke is on the team owners. But I believe that everyone is not corrupt. I’m waiting to see where the investigations lead. In the end,the IPL will be cleared of all the filth.

Your involvement with Ishkq in Paris goes beyond just acting and production.

I wrote the story,screenplay and dialogues,along with Prem,which was very exciting. I studied criminal psychology and applied my training in observing people into writing. Much of the film is borrowed from the people I know and some of it is from my own life. I like the fact that I cut my hair short because I was told women from Paris don’t wear their hair long.


And does your character Ishkq borrow from your own views on love?

Yes and no. Half-French-half-Indian,Ishkq’s idea of love or mine isn’t like that of a 16-year-old’s; she doesn’t view it with rose-tinted glasses. Ishkq is looking for something to complete her life but it isn’t love. That said,her views on relationships differ from mine,as I have a more positive approach.

Isn’t Paris a cliché location for a love story?

Yes,but in this film,it isn’t used as a cliché. In my view,you can get everything in Paris,except love. You can fall in love every day in the city but you cannot stay in it. It’s a tough city to live in. You see that in the movie.

Why did you choose to make a comeback with a newcomer?

I could have asked any of my friends,Shah Rukh Khan,Aamir Khan,Hrithik Roshan or Salman Khan,to come on board. But if they worked on the project,the movie would be a guaranteed flop since they come with a huge baggage. Besides,that  would have overshot my budget. Rhehan Malliek brings freshness to the film,he makes me look different and new.

Has the strain of production put you off making more movies then?

I know what I want to produce next but I want to take time with it. Meanwhile,I am about to sign a new film soon. After a month,I will start shooting for Bhaiyyaji Superhit,where I will rock. The reason being,I don’t have to produce it.

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