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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Gully Boy trailer launch highlights: Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt star in uplifting musical drama

Gully Boy trailer highlights: Zoya Akhtar directorial Gully Boy stars Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin and Vijay Raaz among others.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: January 9, 2019 6:30:11 pm
ranveer singh and alia bhatt in Gully Boy Gully Boy trailer launch highlights: Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt have been paired up for the first time.

Ranveer Singh is probably in the best phase of his career and life. The actor, who tied the knot with Deepika Padukone, tasted massive success recently with Simmba. And while its team continues to celebrate the moment, Ranveer is here with his next project – Gully Boy.

While Ranveer is reuniting with his Dil Dhadakne Do director Zoya Akhtar, Gully Boy also marks his first collaboration with Alia Bhatt. The film is based on the life of underground rappers from Mumbai – Divine and Naezy (Naved Shaikh).

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The makers recently dropped some posters from Gully Boy only to leave fans asking for more. Its team is now ready to release the movie’s trailer.

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    16:30 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Gully Boy trailer | Our verdict

    The trailer shows Ranveer Singh as the man who raps to express himself. Living a less privileged life, he is told over and over again that one cannot rise above the economic and social status they are born in but he believes ‘apna time aayega’ (my time will come). After watching Ranveer in Simmba, this one truly shows that Ranveer can get under the skin of any character, be it a corrupt cop who uses humour as a distracting device or a rapper from the streets of Mumbai.

    Watch | Gully Boy trailer

    15:30 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Ranveer sings "Asli Hip Hop"
    15:25 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Farhan hints at his wedding

    Gully Boy producer Farhan Akhtar hints at his wedding.

    15:24 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Album by real life gully boys

    "There are real life gully boys in the film. The album is by them," says Zoya Akhtar.

    15:23 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Alia on working with Ranbir and Ranveer

    “Both of them are great actors and people to work with. The only difference is that I am doing Bhramastra with Ranbir and doing Gully boy with Ranveer,” says Alia Bhatt.

    15:22 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    We need to give our artistes a platform, says Zoya

    "International artistes are big because they are promoted. Our artistes are big. They have a great following. We need to give them a platform,” says Zoya Akhtar

    15:20 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    I am elated that my films are doing good, says Ranveer

    “I am very happy that the films that I have been a part of have done well. It was a great year, I don't feel good when others' films don't do well. I am from the same industry. I know so much goes into making a film. I want everybody's films to do well. But I am elated that my films are doing good,” says Ranveer Singh.

    15:19 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Zoya on criticism that she always makes elitist film

    "I don't know. I am always surprised by the critique. I don't know what will come my way. I will continue to make films that excite me," says Zoya Akhtar.

    15:18 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    I have made a story that has inspired me, says Zoya

    "This is not a biopic of Divine and Naezy. It is a fictional story. It is inspired by Naezy and Divine. They have helped me a lot by showing me their life. I have made a story that has inspired me. I don't know what inspired whom. Everybody takes what they need out of a film. I had met an eighty-year-old woman who told me that watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara inspired her and made her take the London trip that she always wanted to do. So anything can inspire anyone,” says Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar.

    15:15 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Gully Boy music launch on January 26

    “We can only expect that the film does well. For now, we are excited for the music launch on January 26 and the film to launch on February 14," says Gully Boy producer Farhan Akhtar.

    15:12 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Zoya Akhtar on trying to challenge stereotypes:

    "When Rima and I started writing the script, we figured that these guys are very authentic, positive, hopeful and optimistic. They are out to change the world for the better, and that from them is very contagious,” says Zoya Akhtar.

    15:10 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Alia plays a student in Gully Boy

    "For the first time, I have cried less on screen. When you watch the film, you will see me. I can't speak much about my character. But I say 'dhoptaungi', if you know what it means. I play a student in this film,” says Alia Bhatt.

    15:09 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    18 songs in Gully Boy album

    "There are 18 numbers in the album. This includes two poems, background tracks and two reprised versions of other songs,” says Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar.

    15:07 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Everybody in Gully Boy is so hungry, says Ranveer

    “There is struggle in life for everyone, rich and poor. Everybody in this film is so hungry that they gain what they want. Talent cannot be hidden for too long. If it is there, it is definitely going to shine out,” says Ranveer Singh.

    15:06 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    It was the most fulfilling journey for me, says Ranveer

    “It was the most fulfilling journey for me. Look at what has happened to Spitfire and Divine, they are such great artistes. Interacting with them and the process has been an enriching process,” says Ranveer Singh.

    15:04 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Zoya Akhtar on Ranveer Singh: He is extremely sensitive

    Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar says, "Ranveer Singh is the energizing bunny, but he is extremely sensitive and has a very high IQ. When you are shooting with him, he throws all his energy in the first take, and then he gets into the character."

    15:02 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Farhan Akhtar introduced rock 10 years ago, is now introducing hip hop, says Ritesh Sidhwani

    "This area was never explored. So we were so inspired to tell this story. Farhan introduced rock ten years back and is now introducing hip hop and rap in the Indian film industry," says producer Ritesh Sidhwani.

    14:59 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Gully Boy is so different from our last two films, says Ritesh Sidhwani

    “I am very fortunate that such scrips come to us. It is such a raw film. It is so different from our last two films. It is so raw that everybody will be able to connect to it,” says Gully Boy producer Ritesh Sidhwani.

    14:56 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Alia is such a great actor, says Ranveer

    “When I was first asked about Gully Boy, I knew it was my film. If someone else had done it, I would have burnt out of jealousy. This movie means a lot to me. It is about my city Mumbai and my lovely person Zoya Akhtar. Ritesh Sidhwani is like family. Farhan Akhtar is a renaissance man. I am still waiting for him to direct me. I am waiting from last eight years. Being with Alia, what can I say. I am thankful that she exists. She is such a great actor," says Ranveer Singh.

    14:54 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Gully Boy is so raw, says Alia

    "I think it has been one of my best experiences working with Zoya and Excel. It is such a fantastic team. They are so on point with everything. The film is so raw,” says Alia Bhatt.

    14:51 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    How Gully Boy began

    "I was editing Dil Dhadakne do. And my editor showed me a video of Naezy. He is a rap artiste. It was authentic desi rap, and the journey of Gully Boy started," says Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar.

    14:49 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    If Ranveer has to rap all day, he can rap all day, says Zoya

    "Ranveer Singh is a method actor. If he has to rap all day, he can rap all day," says Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar.

    14:43 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Watch the trailer of Gully Boy

    14:42 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Gully Boy trailer: Quick take's Komal says, "Ranveer Singh shines in Gully Boy trailer. He plays an underdog rapper from the streets of Mumbai. Alia Bhatt is a natural, and has picked up the Mumbai accent really well. Super show expected!"

    14:39 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Inside Gully Boy trailer launch
    14:35 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Birthday special for Farhan

    It is Gully Boy producer Farhan Akhtar's birthday today, and Ranveer Singh is wishing him with his rap number.

    14:31 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Ranveer performs

    Ranveer Singh performs at the trailer launch of Gully Boy.

    14:21 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Rapper Divine heaps praise on Ranveer Singh

    Rapper Divine told, “I have sat in the studio with Ranveer. He is a really good guy and the right person to do the movie. I had just sparked the whole scene (hip-hop) and now it has become so big. Ranveer has heard all my songs. He is a hip-hop fan. So, he is the best guy to do the film. He will make the best rapper on screen. No one else can do it.”

    14:03 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    All set for Gully Boy trailer launch

    The stage is set for Gully Boy trailer launch. Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Kalki, Vijay Raaz, Amruta Subhash and Vinay Varma among others are expected to attend the event.

    13:58 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Ranveer is on rap mode

    Ranveer Singh shared on Twitter, "Kalakaar main, Kal ko Aakaar doon, Yahi hai mera Dharm, Meri doosri koi Jaat na ..... 🔥😎🎤#WednesdayWisdom from #GullyBoy"

    13:52 (IST)09 Jan 2019
    Ranveer Singh raps on Twitter

    Ranveer Singh posted on Twitter, "#ApnaTimeAayega. Tu Nanga hi toh aaya thha, kya Ghanta lekar jaayega .... 🔥😎🎤#WednesdayWisdom from #GullyBoy"

    Ranveer Singh had earlier said, "Gully Boy is perhaps the most dearest film. It is one of the closest movies to me after Band Baaja Baaraat. This is a story that means a lot to me.”