Gully Boy actor Ranveer Singh to appear in an underground hip-hop video

Gully Boy actor Ranveer Singh to appear in an underground hip-hop video

DJ Altaf who has also collaborated with Ranveer Singh on the dialogues of the film Gully Boy confirms that the actor is doing a cameo in the young rapper's upcoming hip-hop video.

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Ranveer Singh is doing a cameo in a young rapper, DJ Altaf’s upcoming video.

Ranveer Singh, for sometime now has been following the growing underground hip-hop scene in Mumbai’s slums, mostly in Dharavi, while preparing and shooting for Gully Boys. From what we know now, the Padmaavat actor has also made a few friends here, and in other slums in Mumbai, and is known to be unifying the spirit of the youth living in these areas.

The young lads who are trying to make it big with their talent despite all odds have hugely moved Ranveer and made him one of their biggest admirers and endorsers. And, now, we hear that Ranveer is doing a cameo in a young rapper, DJ Altaf’s upcoming video.

“DJ Altaf wrote a cool, catchy track titled ‘Wassup’. The rapper has met Ranveer and has spent quality time with him on the sets of Gully Boy in which Ranveer plays a rapper from the streets of Mumbai. Altaf was surprised by Ranveer’s knowledge on the underground hip hop scene. Ranveer sensitivity touched him. He was always encouraging the rappers and hip hoppers to think big, to aspire for something higher. When Altaf requested Ranveer to do a cameo in his video, Ranveer instantly agreed. Altaf was extremely touched by his gesture. His song will definitely have an added attraction with Ranveer doing a cool cameo in the video,” said a source.

Altaf has also collaborated with Ranveer on the dialogues of the film Gully Boy.

DJ Altaf confirmed this piece of news with, saying, “Ranveer Bhai has been a huge inspiration for us hip hoppers and rappers. His film Gully Boy will catapult the hip-hop scene here in India to the limelight which will benefit us. He enjoys our music and jamming with us, and that’s very encouraging and fun for us. He has agreed to make a cool cameo in my video for ‘Wassup’ which releases soon, and that’s just fab. His cameo is fun as he is mouthing lines from the song, and rapping them too. Ranveer Bhai is uninhibited and most open to rap and desi hip-hop. When he hangs out with us to make music, he does it effortlessly. I thank him deeply and am very grateful for his cameo which will make the song so much more popular.”

Ranveer has interacted with multiple hip hoppers and desi rappers as part of his prep, rehearsals and self training for Gully Boy. The film tells the life story of Mumbai street rappers Divine and Naezy and Ranveer has formed a super strong bond with almost everyone in this underground music movement.


The film also stars Alia Bhatt and is due for release in February 2019.