Gully Boy movie review and release highlights: Ranveer-Alia starrer is a ‘cinematic masterpiece’

Gully Boy movie review and release highlights: Ranveer-Alia starrer is a ‘cinematic masterpiece’

Gully Boy movie review and release highlights: Starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, Gully Boy released today. Here's what celebrities, fans and critics are saying about the Zoya Akhtar's directorial.

Gully Boy review
Gully Boy movie review: The film is inspired by the lives of rappers Divine and Naezy.

Starring Ranveer Singh in the role of a street rapper Murad, Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy has hit the screens. Akhtar has said that the film is a work of fiction, but she was inspired by the story of underground rappers Divine and Naezy. Alongside Singh, the film also stars Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Vijay Raaz.

The music of Gully Boy has been making waves ever since its release as the 18-track album brings together over 54 artists.

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Ranveer Singh recently saw tremendous success with Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and with Gully Boy, the actor is on his way to prove once again that being versatile with his film choices is the key to his success.

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Our verdict

Ranveer Singh brings a restrained swagger to Murad: there is a gentleness to his anger. His Murad shows that Singh can tamp down on his characteristic boisterousness to create something of value, even though sometimes you can see the effort show.

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Mira Nair watches Gully Boy

Mira Nair shared on Twitter, "Off to watch #gullyboy with Delhi family - first day first show👌🏿as son Zohran watches it in NYC - first day first show! Across the oceans #gullyboy & #ZoyaAkhtar ki jai!"

Gully Boy | Quick take's Arushi says, "Ranveer Singh--What a transformation from a kohled eyed Khilji to a kohled eyed Murad. I cannot imagine any other Bollywood actor bringing Murad alive as Singh did in Gully Boy. Spectacular performances by Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Vijay Raaz and Amruta Subhash too. Gully Boy is a must watch."

Watch Gully Boy song Azadi

'Siddhant Chaturvedi is a find'

Meghan Gulzar tweeted, "Siddhant Chaturvedi is a find among all the superb performances in the film. Jay Oza’s cinematography makes the gullies of Dharavi glimmer. @nitin_baid cuts a seamless narrative peppered with fabulous dialogue and trippy music! #GullyBoy is unmissable."

Goldie Behl to Zoya Akhtar: You have nailed it

Producer Goldie Behl shared on Twitter, "Watched a packed 10am show of #GullyBoy with a lot of college kids in their hoodies! Gully boys on and off the screen! Congratulations @ZoyaAkhtarOff you have nailed it! Bahut bahut bahut hard! ✌️💯@FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid @kagtireema"

Shabana Azmi is proud of Zoya Akhtar

Shabana Azmi took to Twitter and shared, "My goodness! Such appreciation! My heart is bursting with pride . Waiting to watch it with bated breath.. So proud of you Zo.."

Zoya Akhtar on the underground rap scene in Mumbai

Zoya Akhtar shared with, "I think the scene is palpable right now. It is emerging. I think it was on the brink when I caught on to the underground scene. It was getting bigger. From the time I started, which was 2014-15 to now, it has blown up. I mean Divine and Naezy are big stars. So, I think I just lucked out. I was just at the right place at the right time."

'Gully Boy is spellbinding'

Raazi director Meghna Gulzar took to Twitter and shared, "#GullyBoy is spellbinding.. Immerses you into its world and ‘raps’ around your heart! @RanveerOfficial smoulders effortlessly and @aliaa08 is fireworks that light the screen! Thanks for the ride @ZoyaAkhtarOff !"

Taapsee Pannu on Gully Boy

"Hearing such wonderful things about #GullyBoy box office is having a ball in 2019! will wait to be back in the city and watch it soon! Congratulations! @ZoyaAkhtarOff @ritesh_sid @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @dubsharma @VivianDivine @NaezyTheBaA 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼," shared Taapsee Pannu on Twitter.

'Gully Boy is a cinematic masterpiece'

In a series of tweets, producer Atul Kasbekar praised Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. He said, "#GullyBoy is a cinematic masterpiece #ZoyaAkhtar is in my book the best director in the country right now
The film is a technical and emotional triumph. Have no words to describe the brilliance of @RanveerOfficial n @aliaa08 This is 1 of the 10 best Hindi films that I’ve seen. Rarely does a film tick literally all d boxes n #GullyBoy does that hands down. From the angst n ‘hard’ poetry of the lyrics to the excellent support cast. Fantastic camera work, crisp editing and brilliant music, #GullyBoy is a piece of cinematic art India should be proud of. I can not recommend it enough, pls do watch it at the earliest. Special word of praise for the artists who played MC Sher and @RanveerOfficial ‘s mother in the film; outstanding 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"

'Gully Boy inspires you to break free and chase your dreams''s Priyanka Sharma in a series of tweets wrote how she felt after watching Gully Boy. She wrote, "I came back feeling a lot after watching #gullyboy but to put it in a sentence, it is an experience, which states at the privilege of your reality and at the same time inspires you to break free and chase your dreams. In Murad, Safeena, Sher, Afreen and many others, who fill the world of @ZoyaAkhtarOff and @reemakagti world, I saw the fools, who dream. I saw some of my own. I saw myself. This is perhaps the most complete Hindi film, I have watched lately. @urfvijaymaurya, take a bow! Your words are to #GullyBoy what Murad's poetry is to his rap. Words won't be enough to praise your brilliance. @RanveerOfficial told me a few days ago that his DNA was Simmba, not #gullyboy by boy, his magic as Murad proves otherwise. From Lootera to this film, the actor has only gotten more comfortable with expressing through restrain."

Sobhita Dhulipala is feeling inspired after watching Gully Boy

Sobhita Dhulipala tweeted, "So inspired and moved after watching #GullyBoy
What a beautiful beast this film is!
#ZoyaAkhtar @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 aatank he aatank 🔥"

Richa Chadha has heaped praise on Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy.

Richa Chadha has written some overwhelming words for Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. The actor took to Twitter and wrote, "Go watch Gully Boy. I am proud that a film like this has come out of India. @ZoyaAkhtarOff is the best. The. Best. @RanveerOfficial you deserve everything coming your way homie! Bhot hard ! @aliaa08 you are spectacular! @SiddhantChturvD mere sher! The supporting cast, Vijay Verma, Vijay Raaz, Sheeba, Ranveer’s mom (uffffffff!) loved everyone. @kalkikanmani loved Sky - so balanced and fun! Watch Gully Boy. It’s worth the hype. @excelmovies How do you talk about gender, class,English-Hindi divide, privilege,religion,death of dreams in rhythm and poetry ? Such a delicate, rousing, AMAZING piece of work. Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum @Javedakhtarjadu ? You must be so so proud. Proud papa. @excelmovies ❤"

Shanoo Sharma: Gully Boy is one of the finest films I have seen in the past decade

YRF casting director Shanoo Sharma is all praise for Gully Boy. She wrote a long post on Instagram that read, "#gullyboy is one of the finest films I have seen in the past decade! @zoieakhtar this ones a game changer! I can’t get over how beautiful and authentic what I saw last night was! Well woven!!! This world, was sublime!
The performances of each and every person in your film were unreal! It has been shot like a dream babe! A DREAM! Bravo!

@ranveersingh - Allah ne mere ko Tofaa diya hai, Mai waapis nahi doonga- yaich karoonga mai! Best decision you have made - best! Tere jaisa koi hardich nahi hai!

@aliaabhatt is a firework! Everyone needs this kinda love in his life!

@siddhantchaturvedi your energy was amaze!
Everyone- @itsvijayvarma @vjymaurya #vijayraaz @kalkikanmani @amrutasubhash @sheebachaddha @slowcheeta And each and every face was just cast brilliantly! @nandinishrikent I have the accha waali jealousy!
@vjymaurya your dialogues were amazing!
@arjunbhasin - costumes- KING!
The music - score needs to be heard on loop!
I could go on And on! But Go see some SoulGlow people! Everything last night for that moment was Ace! #gullyboy 💫"

Jim Sarbh is envious of Ranveer Singh

Jim Sarbh, who shared screen space with Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat, is jealous of the actor. Jim tweeted, "@RanveerOfficial ah Gully Boy I’d compliment you if I wasn’t so consumed with jealousy."

Apoorva Mehta on Gully Boy

Dharma Production CEO Apoorva Mehta was all praise for Gully Boy. He tweeted, "#Gullyboy is everything people are saying and more ! @RanveerOfficial nails it with a electrifying performance and @aliaa08 shows yet again why she is the best in the business!!!"

'Gully Boy is powerful, poignant and inspiring'

Dia Mirza tweeted, "Zoya Akhtar, your heart, your craft, your voice is beautiful. #GullyBoy is so powerful, poignant and inspiring!!! @aliaa08 you trailblazer! @SiddhantChturvD tuh Sher hain sher! @kalkikanmani you are sky. @RanveerOfficial you are such a powerful, empathetic, beautiful person." She continued in the next tweet, "Every single performance is pitch perfect. The cast, the crew and the MUSIC!!! Take a bow TEAM #GULLYBOY #HARDHAI #APNATIMEAAYEGA @ritesh_sid @FarOutAkhtar @excelmovies @tigerbabyindia"

'Gully Boy will conquer every gully'

Siddharth Kannan tweeted, "#GullyBoy will conquer every GULLY! @RanveerOfficial raps away 2 glory! @aliaa08 weaves her magic taking u thru a gamut of emotions! #ZoyaAktar takes d Underdog 2 Centre Stage! Time Aagaya 2 give a standing ovation 4.5 stars @ZeeMusicCompany @excelmovies @FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid"

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Gaurav Kapur on Ranveer's performance

In a series of tweets praising Gully Boy, Gaurav Kapur mentioned Ranveer Singh will be praised for his performance, "My lord this Gully Boy is something else. The writing, the direction, the music, the performances 👏👏👏Bahut hee mazedaar. My boy @RanveerOfficial ... he will be rightfully showered with praise and accolades for this. All I will say is, HARD HAI CHOTE, HARD HAI 🙌👏👏💖

He added that Zoya is a treasure, " There’s some X factor to your story telling that I can’t describe, but it just flows so beautifully, and takes us along with."

‘Gully Boy will make your heart soar and drop a number of times’’s Komal says, “Gully Boy is Zoya Akhtar's finest. It is packed with good performances and has a straightforward classic underdog storyline. The movie will hold you, make your heart soar and drop a number of times. It inspires one to live and chase their dreams. Ranveer and Alia are impeccable, but the real star here is Zoya Akhtar. Siddhanth Chaturvedi is a great discovery. Kalki, as in every Zoya Akhtar film, doesn't have a meaty character but manages to shine anyway. Vijay Maurya has written some remarkable dialogues and still doesn't sound preachy. And, Javed Akhtar's poetry is a reflection into one’s soul. Everything just amalgamates so well in Gully Boy, making it a great watch.”

Karan Johar: Zoya is a star

Karan Johar is extremely excited to watch Gully Boy. The director tweeted, "I am so excited and elated to hear #gullyboy is being loved unanimously by everyone at screenings!!!! Zoya is a STAR!! A gold star filmmaker and word on the street is that the performances are exceptional! Can’t wait to see it @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @ritesh_sid @FarOutAkhtar"

Soni Razdan on Gully Boy

Alia Bhatt's mother Soni Razdan watched Gully Boy and tweeted, "Going to sleep today with the beats of #gullyboy ringing in my ears. More later when I’ve recovered somewhat from the power of this incredible film ... what an achievement @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @FarOutAkhtar #ZoyaAkhtar #ApnaTimeAyeega #sochokitnidoorihai." 

'Such an inspirational film'

"#GullyBoy Every actor is brilliant. Every department ‘Excels’ But truly the film belongs to #ZoyaAkhtar. Such an inspirational film.  Had tears in my eyes. Was cheering & clapping, all at the same time.  @ritesh_sid @FarOutAkhtar," filmmaker Kunal Kohli wrote on Twitter. 

'Zoya Tera time aa gaya!'

Hrithik Roshan who can't wait to watch Gully Boy tweeted, "Zoya Tera time aa gaya! Phirse 👍 #gullyboy can’t wait to watch." 

'Blown by Zoya’s Gully Boy'

Rahul Dholakia wrote on Twitter, "Blown by Zoya’s #GullyBoy - great performances- Ranveer, Siddhant, Aalia, everyon..the design,the edit, the overall production. Well done Excel.. loved Vijay’s dialogues and jays cinematography , music and the many layers Zoya has packed in. Must Watch @ritesh_sid @FarOutAkhtar"

'What a fantastic film'

Tannishtha Chatterjee posted on Twitter, "What a fantastic film #GullyBoy !!! Congratulations @ZoyaAkhtarOff @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 and the entire team for such a fantastic piece of work. Good luck for the release"

'What a masterpiece'

"GULLY BOY !!! GULLY BOY !!! GULLY BOY !! What a masterpiece !! @ZoyaAkhtarOff it can be ONLY YOU ONLY YOU ONLY YOU !! @RanveerOfficial it can be ONLY YOU ONLY YOU ONLY YOU !!! Bllllllllownnnnnn away !! @aliaa08 you are just out of this world in #GullyBoy !! Take a bow !! Just blown away," Shankar Mahadevan said via Twitter.

'Gully Boy is a cinematic masterpiece'

Atul Kasbekar shared on Twitter, "#GullyBoy is a cinematic masterpiece#ZoyaAkhtar is in my book the best director in the country right now. The film is a technical and emotional triumph. Have no words to describe the brilliance of @RanveerOfficial n @aliaa08. This is 1 of the 10 best Hindi films that I’ve seen. Rarely does a film tick literally all d boxes n #GullyBoy does that hands down. From the angst n ‘hard’ poetry of the lyrics to the excellent support cast. Fantastic camera work, crisp editing and brilliant music, #GullyBoy is a piece of cinematic art India should be proud of"

'Each scene is magic unfurling'

Divya Dutta tweeted, "Just watched #gullyboy!! @ZoyaAkhtarOff take a bow!!! Each scene is magic unfurling!! Each actor, parexcellence!!! Thankyou n best wishes for this gem! @RanveerOfficial and how good are you in #gullyboy???you are giving brilliance another definition!! So sweetly you asked me, are you proud of me?? Well , do you give a choice?? You are the best sweetheart!! Keep rocking!"

'It’s a two time watch’

Rahul Bose wrote on Twitter, "Watched #GullyBoy yesterday. It takes you into a world you know nothing about & makes you care for its people, their lives, their futures. What more can an audience ask for? Superbly directed, spot on performances, great emotional highs and lows. And banging rap - music & lyrics. So go watch #GullyBoy To use the parlance of the trade in our industry, it’s a ‘two time watch’. Atleast. Congratulations #ZoyaAkhtar @ritesh_sid and @FarOutAkhtar You have hit it out of the park. Few more words on #GullyBoy. @RanveerOfficial finest work yet. Contained yet free, nuanced yet explosive. @aliaa08 A brilliant, achingly true performance, your heart breaks. The rest of the cast were perfectly pitched. Take a bow @jayoza : brilliant camerawork in a complex film."

Our verdict

This is a film to enjoy. In today’s India, to bring a Murad and Safeena, their Muslim-ness a matter-of-fact statement, into centre-stage, to give traction to those who live on the wrong side of the tracks, is an act of bravery. ‘Inka time aa gaya’. Rap along.

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'What a brilliant story'

Kubbra Sait posted on Twitter, "Mere bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaag laga diiii re!!!! The real hero of the Gully and the Ultimate Gangstah of Tinseltown! @RanveerOfficial #GullyBoy. Every single rapper and hip hopper of our country owns the soul of #GullyBoy thanks to @NaezyTheBaA @VivianDivine & #TigerBaby #ZoyaAkhtar it takes big B’s and huge dreams to make it ALL come true. MUBARAK Bhai log. Layered with love and garnished with simplicity. The pain, strain, struggle is real #GullyBoy what a brilliant story. What a kind narrative. Congratulations on a film, with a story that was waiting to be told. Hai! I am your fan @aliaa08 as Sanki Safeena, You transplanted my heart to you in #GullyBoy. The jewel in the crown @SiddhantChturvD boht hard meri jaan!! You chameleon you startled, stunned and ripped the screen!!! #GullyBoy ke sher McSher!!!! 🔥"

Gully Boy is co-written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar. The Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer saw its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival where it has received largely positive reviews. Gully Boy also marks the maiden venture of Zoya's production house, Tiger Baby Films.