Game Over movie review and release LIVE UPDATES: Taapsee starrer is a heart-in-the-mouth thriller

Game Over movie review and release LIVE UPDATES: Taapsee starrer is a heart-in-the-mouth thriller

Game Over movie review and release live updates: Here's what critics, celebrities and fans are saying about Taapsee Pannu starrer Game Over.

Game Over
Game Over review: Taapsee Pannu’s film is releasing in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Taapsee Pannu starrer Game Over has hit the screens. Directed by Ashwin Saravana, the home invasion thriller is being released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is presenting the Hindi version.

Actor Taapsee Pannu went through a lot of prep to play this role. She earlier told PTI, “Keeping the physical aspects aside, mentally a lot of things were new for me to experience. Like post-traumatic stress, anniversary effect reactions and low self-confidence… All these are emotions, I haven’t experienced before and don’t come to me naturally.”

The film also deals with problems like anxiety and nyctophobia (fear of darkness) and Taapsee took the help of Game Over co-writer Kaavya Ramkumar to “understand how it really happens” and watched some videos and documentaries addressing the problem.

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Taapsee Pannu had earlier said about the film, “When I heard this script, I knew this film has an international appeal and considering the kind of people attached with it, I had a strong belief in the product. Very few films surpass expectations and this is surely one of them.”

The film has been produced by YNot Studios, in association with Reliance Entertainment.

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Game Over: Indian Express' verdict

The writing is flabby, key sequences get repetitive, the threads which are woven in the plot are weakly dealt with: a tattoo and the tattooist plays a part, as does a grieving mother, but at no point do these elements feel meshed in. Worse, the reveal comes too early, and the suspense leaches out.

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Game Over actor Ramya Subramanian asks for support and blessings

Game Over is worth a watch

Journalist Salil Arunkumar Sand tweeted, "#GameOverReview: you cannot take your eyes off #TaapseePannu in this one. She has effortlessly got into the skin of #Sapna. Super job girl!! @taapsee #GameOver is worth a Dekho!!"

'Been hearing some fab things about the film'

Sundeep Kishan tweeted, "Wishing my dear friend @sash041075 all the very best for #GameOver today..@Ashwin_saravana looking forward to watching your work post MaYa/Mayuri. Been hearing some fab things about the film... "

'Has to be Taapsee's best work till date'

Meher Kilaru tweeted, "Stop everything you're doing today and go watch #GameOver like NOW/TODAY. What an experience. Take a bow @Ashwin_saravana. And @taapsee should write a book about how she picks her films. Has to be her best work till date. And surely DOP Vasanth is the MVP of this Game. Just Wow."

'Game Over is a tight genre-hopping thriller'

Baradwaj Rangan tweeted, ""#GameOver is a tight genre-hopping thriller that keeps you guessing about the genre it can be slotted into. (I swear, I’m still trying.) The miracle is that it manages to pack all of this—and a lot more—into 100-odd minutes.""

'Taapsee needs to be applauded for her script choices'

Nikhil Taneja tweeted, "@taapsee needs to be applauded for the choices she makes with her scripts. Not only one of the best young actors we have, but also one of the most intelligent minds we have! Can't wait to see #GameOver this weekend."

'Game Over a crisp thrilling film'

"What a fabulous film @taapsee #GameOver a crisp thrilling film , gives you the chills and keeps you engaged throughout, its fun it’s interesting, congratulations @anuragkashyap72, a must watch! #GameOver." tweeted @rohitchaturvedi.

'Game Over is engaging thriller with arresting moments'

Filmmaker BVS Ravi tweeted, "Congratulations @taapsee on #GameOver engaging thriller with arresting moments. Ur presence has uplifted the spirit of the script to an entire new height."

'Taapsee convincingly play a vulnerable character'

Jyoti Kapur Das tweeted, "To see @taapsee convincingly play a vulnerable character, so different from other strong characters we've seen her as, in #GameOver adds to the thrill of this thriller. The twists in the story, the sound design & crisp edit, all packed into 100 minutes, are a big plus!👍."

'Loved the narrative'

"#GameOver is brilliant...loved the narrative and how well @Ashwin_saravana found a new way to narrate the story...this has a genius way of ghost entered another body!!! And @taapsee pulls off a terrific performance again. Go watch it," tweeted Hemanth Kumar C R.

'What a thrilling experience'

Atul Mohan tweeted, "#GameOver....what a thrilling experience....@taapsee you are unbelievably too good in this one....clearly one of your best. What a concept and brilliantly executed by @Ashwin_saravana! @anuragkashyap72 @sash041075 @RelianceEnt @StudiosYNot #NoSpoliersPlease."

'A slasher thriller'

Journalist Janice Sequeira shared on Twitter, "I think I just watched my favourite film of the year so far! No really, #GameOver is THAT good! A slasher thriller that’s probably going to give me the heebie jeebies for weeks to come, I was hooked for the entire 100mins runtime! @taapsee I’m in awe of your choices! Seriously, kudos to you for backing such a kick-ass concept film and for being so kick-ass in it! #GameOver. And my biggest hat tip to director @Ashwin_saravana who also wrote #GameOver along with Kaavya Ramkumar. The script is the hero of #GameOver. Tight, spooky, with some unforgettable moments. Uff 🔥🔥🔥 @anuragkashyap72."

'Game Over thrills you to death in a twisted way'

Actor Prachee Shah Paandya tweeted, "#GameOver actually plays with your mind and thrills you to death in a twisted way! Keeps you guessing which way is it going throughout! @taapsee‘s layered performance holds the entire film together! Excels herself every time ! 👏🏼👍🤗 @anuragkashyap72 @RelianceEnt 👍."

'Game Over is a delicious mix of genres'

Actor Amol Parashar tweeted, "Carrying a film frame by frame on your shoulders is no mean feat. @taapsee achieves this & more in #GameOver - a delicious mix of genres, making my (otherwise stoic) heart jump a few times. Go for the thrills, for the love of video games, for her yet another solid performance 🤟."

'Taapsee is from the rare breed of actors'

Lyricist and poet Puneet wrote on his Twitter account, "@taapsee is from the rare breed of actors. Not worried about the scale of the movie if the concept and the script is great. Without the support of bollywood elites, without riding on the popular narrative she prooved herself again and again only by her talent."

'Make sure to watch Game Over'

T.S.Suresh tweeted, "If you have to watch one movie this weekend, make sure it is #GameOver. My best wishes to @StudiosYNot @sash041075 @Ashwin_saravana @taapsee @chakdyn @RonYohann @ARichardkevin @Synccinema and the entire team for a huge success. #YouHaveSeenNothingLikeThis."

'Edge of the seat thriller'

Kathir posted on his Twitter account, "#GameOver from today!! Please Dnt miss this experience in theatres!! Well made inspirational Seat edge thriller.. Get thrilled!! Best wishes team!! @StudiosYNot @taapsee @sash041075 @StudiosYNot @chakdyn @RelianceEnt @RonYohann @ARichardkevin @gopiprasannaa."

'Game Over a refreshing addition to Indian cinema'

"#GameOver is such a refreshing addition to Indian cinema. We need more films like this to continue to break the groove of banality. Taaps! You’re nailing it with each one you put out there!! @taapsee," tweeted Ayesha Kaduskar.

'Game Over is a heart-thumping, thrilling ride'

Aniruddha Guha wrote on his Twitter account, "GameOver is a heart-thumping, thrilling ride - a mindbending mix of several genre films. A win for @taapsee and the whole team!"

Vir Das on Game Over

Vir Das shared on Twitter, "My mad talented friend @taapsee has a wonderful film out today. #GameOver is in theatres. Go see it's such a fun ride!"

Taapsee Pannu promises a crazy ride

"#GameOver releases TODAY! Swapna is now yours.... you can like her story, or not like her story but she is going to make sure you will have a crazy ride once you enter her world. It did take a lot out of me to be her, I hope a part of it reaches your heart too. GAME ON ."

'Game Over is superbly written'

Karthik Subbaraj shared on Twitter, "#Gameover is a superbly written, well made trippy new age thriller with awesome performances by @taapsee , well supported by #Vinothini.Some Scenes will give you Sema Allu for sure 😊 Congrats @sash041075 @Ashwin_saravana & team for this Game Winner...👍 In theatres from tomorrow"

Game Over: Our verdict

There are a couple of genuinely scary moments, but the rest of it is too stretched: even the 102 minute run time feels too long, with not enough thrills or chills.

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Taapsee Pannu recently amazed the audience with her performance in Badla. She had a splendid 2018 as her performances in both Manmarziyan and Mulk received rave reviews.

"A lot of waking up has happened after Badla. I feel that audiences are now ready for something that is not done before, something unconventional. The concept of not taking your brain to the theatre is slowly going out of the window. People want to take the brain to the theatre," the actor told PTI.

Taapsee is known for picking projects that are driven by female characters and these films are proving to be promising at the box office. She said, "In a male protagonist film, the hero matters more. With a female protagonist film, content matters slightly more. They (audience) are giving us a chance. For female-centric films, they will go to the theaters on the basis of the trailer, while with the men, it is about who is the hero. The way things are changing, let’s hope a film with a heroine opens at the same level as one with a male protagonist one."

Taapsee Pannu will next be seen alongside Bhumi Pednekar in Saand Ki Aankh.