Express LOL: How Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday

Check how Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday only at Express LOL!

| Published: December 12, 2014 1:53:11 pm


When big stars celebrate important birthdays, we are usually treated to pictures, videos and coverage. Not so with Superstar Rajinikanth; his privacy is absolute.

Which is why Express LOL can but imagine what his birthday celebrations might be like. Happy Birthday, Thalaiva!

Rajnikanth 1

Rajnikanth 2

Rajnikanth 3

Rajnikanth 4

Rajnikanth 5

Rajnikanth 6

Rajnikanth 7

Rajnikanth 8

Rajnikanth 9

Rajnikanth 10

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