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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Diljit Dosanjh: Arjun Patiala is my first attempt at out-and-out comedy

Diljit Dosanjh is attempting an out-and-out comedy film with Arjun Patiala. The actor says the movie will give a sneak peek at how a film is made but the entire story is told in a comical manner.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 25, 2019 6:52:08 pm
Diljit Dosanjh in Arjun Patiala Diljit Dosanjh starrer Arjun Patiala releases on July 26.

Diljit Dosanjh was in New Delhi to promote his upcoming release Arjun Patiala, which heads to theaters on July 26. The Kriti Sanon, Diljit Dosanjh and Varun Sharma starrer is a spoof comedy, a genre that has not been explored much in Bollywood. Ahead of the release, Diljit talked to about Arjun Patiala, Kareena Kapoor Khan and much more.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. You are famous for your comic timing in Punjabi films. This is the first time when Bollywood will see you in such an out-and-out comedy film. How was it to shoot?

There is a difference in the way the film has been shot. The films I have done in Punjab are mostly rom-coms and family dramas. However, Arjun Patiala is my first attempt at out-and-out comedy. In such films, you just laugh and have fun. Such films are also made in Punjab but I have never been a part of it. Now, let’s see what happens when it releases on July 26. I will be happy if people like it and I am hoping that they do.

Q. Kriti said it is a spoof comedy. Even Bollywood has not seen such content. So, how was the prep?

We did what we could but the real preparation was for the story writers, directors and producers. The film has been shot like any other film but usually, we edit out a lot of things. In Arjun Patiala, you are given a real experience of how a film is made and how it eventually looks like.

Q. What is the film all about?

It is about a writer and producer. The writer is narrating the story to the producer who asks him if there is action, romance, sad songs and Sunny Leone in the film. Basically, he wants all the elements to make a hit commercial film. When the story begins, the shoot begins. And as the story proceeds, if the producer wants something, he adds it on the spot.

So in short, we are making fun of a film in our film (Arjun Patiala).

Q. How was it to shoot with Sunny Leone?

It was so much fun. Sunny is absolute fun to work with. She is so funny. Her sense of humour is very good. Not many people have seen that side of her.

Q. Do you believe in doing films that have no intention?

There is every kind of audience out there and I want to cater to every sort of audience that we have. I have done pretty serious films and I am presently shooting for two more serious films. Along with it, I am working on a family drama titled Good News. So, I believe that an artiste should be capable of doing every sort of film. Also, I don’t want to have any sort of regrets. Later in my life, I should not feel like – ‘yaar, ye nahi kiya maine.’

Q. Are you nervous about the reception?

What will I do even if I am nervous? I cannot change the script or anything. So, I don’t think I am nervous. I am just waiting for the audience’s remarks on the film and my performance.

Q. Are you trying to maintain a balance with your films in Punjab and Bollywood? Has it been hard?

Not really. I don’t think you can plan this. It happens on its own. At least, I don’t plan.

Q. Any film personality you think has a great comic timing?

I think Mehmood sir was fabulous. I draw my inspiration from him.

Q. You have shot with Kareena in Udta Punjab and now in Good News. Can we say you have become friends? How is she as a co-star?

No. I am her fan. Please call me her fan. As a co-star, she is brilliant. She works hard. She has had a career full of good roles. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Q. First time with Akshay, tell us about that. Anything that impressed you?

I think he impresses everyone. He comes on time, leaves on time and works so hard. And he is so humble even though he is one of the biggest stars in our country.

Q. Are there plans to produce in the future even in Bollywood?

Not for now but the plans are on. Let’s see.

Q. There are artistes from Punjab industry who have thanked you for opening up the gate of Bollywood for them. How does it feel to be in such a position?

I don’t think I have opened any gate for anyone. Any person who is capable and works hard, they find their own way to reach their destiny.

Q. You debuted with a film like Udta Punjab. That also brought a change in how a Sikh character was seen in films. What do you feel? Do you see much change?

I think so or let’s say it might have. At first, when I used to watch some films that had a Sikh character, some things about it wouldn’t go down well with me because we (Sikhs) are not like that. But now that I have a chance and a platform, at least in my films, I try to represent them as they are.

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