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Daisy Shah: ‘Jai Ho’ has got more entertainment quotient

Daisy Shah says her favourite track from 'Jai Ho' is 'Tumko Toh Aani Hi Tha'.

Daisy Shah: 'Jai Ho' is a film with which every person will get connected to. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)
Daisy Shah: ‘Jai Ho’ is a film with which every person will get connected to. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

In an industry where working with Salman Khan is nothing short of a dream, Daisy Shah is surely living one! With Salman Khan being the flag bearer of the film, being his heroine also comes with a lot of expectations and pressure from everyone alike.

‘Jai Ho’ is supposed to be a remake of the Telugu film Stalin. Have you watched the original?
I have seen the original film. But, let me tell you that ‘Jai Ho’ has got more entertainment quotient as compared to ‘Stalin’. And as far as my character is concerned, it’s funnier than the Telugu film. In addition to that, unlike the original, in ‘Jai Ho’, the heroine is shown to be hailing from the Gujarati community!

Tell us about the music and the songs of ‘Jai Ho’. Which is your favorite track?
The music of the film is surely something to watch out for. Every song is different in its own way. Amongst the other songs, the track ‘Apna Kaam Banta’ is a reflection of today’s society and also a wakeup call to everyone. Even though all songs are hummable and catchy, my personal favorite is the ‘Tumko Toh Aani Hi Tha’. It’s got an international feel to it!

There’s one more angle to the story of ‘Jai Ho’, in the form of Sana Khan. That makes us ask you the eternal question: can two heroines ever be friends in real life?
Why not! Even though Sana and I are in the same film, but we had no interactions with each other. While both of us are completely aware of our work and role, we are contended with the same. In fact, whenever we used to meet on the sets, we met like best of buddies!


You even won the title of ‘Miss Photogenic’ in ‘Miss Dombivali’ contest which was held in a mall?
Yes, it is very much true. Even though half my childhood was spent in Vile Parle, we had to shift to Dombivali because of my dad’s job. It was during my vacations when I entered a beauty contest and eventually landed up winning the title ‘Miss Photogenic’, which was so unexpected!

Is it true that Salman’s father Salim Khan was the one who’s really instrumental in you being the heroine of ‘Jai Ho’?
Yes. It’s totally true. The whole of their family was keen to have a new face for ‘Jai Ho’, because all the established actresses had the ‘Diva’ tag attached to them. And this was a role that was supposed to be done by an actress who did not have the ‘diva’ image. When they saw my auditions and screen tests, Salim uncle told Salman and Sohail to do what their gut feelings told them to do. Possibly, Salman Khan saw a potential actress in me and maybe that’s why he signed me on. And that’s when they all agreed to it.

Now that you are on the verge of being the next Bollywood star, will you stop doing regional cinema?
If the script is exciting and exceptional enough, I will surely do it. I am someone who goes with my guts.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on ‘Jai Ho’?
‘Jai Ho’ is a film with which every person will get connected to. Also, let me request all the cinegoers to take a bit of ‘Jai’ and apply in their day to day lives. If that happens, then see the way our society transforms for the best!