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Monday, July 16, 2018

Daisy Shah from the London Da-Bangg Tour: Salman Khan is the biggest star for the global audience

In an interview with, Daisy Shah tells us about the tour, London based Bollywood fans and Salman Khan's stardom. After her performance in New Zealand last year, she will hit the stage again in London. She starred opposite Salman Khan in 2014 film Jai Ho.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: September 16, 2017 9:43:33 pm
daisy shah, salman khan, daisy shah salman khan, dabangg tour, jai ho Daisy Shah is a regular fixture of Salman Khan’s Da-Bangg Tour

Jai Ho actor Daisy Shah is a regular fixture of Salman Khan’s Da-Bangg Tour. After performing last year in New Zealand, this year she will hit the stage again in London. Being an actor was not a dream for Daisy, but she embraces all the opportunities that come her way. In an interview with, Daisy Shah tells us about the tour, London based Bollywood fans and Salman Khan’s stardom.

 1) Da-Bangg Tour is a Salman Khan show, and has a huge international audience. How is it performing live on stage with him?

The way Salman connects with his audience, I love it! I am trying to learn that from him. It is not that you only have to dance and entertain the public there. It is more about the interaction you have with the people who have come to watch your show. You have to connect with them at a certain level for them to enjoy the show.

I am really enjoying my work. While it is great to work in films, I am super duper excited to be a part of the Da-Bangg Tour yet again as we get instant reactions from the crowd and the amount of love and energy that they give you is great to experience. The instant connection that you share with them is at a different level.

2) Performing on stage is not always easy. It takes months and months of rehearsals. How do fans react to live performances like this one?
Of course, as I am opening the Da-Bangg Tour, I am the first person they will see. So, I feel very responsible to generate that kind of energy and excitement. From my experience from last year, I can say that of course they cheer for me, but every time when Salman Khan comes on stage, he lights the stage on fire and the crowd cheers for him at least ten times louder. He reminds them the Bollywood craze they must have left back home. It feels great to be accepted by the people. What’s better than being able to entertain people? When you receive love from the public, it doesn’t matter what the film circuit or critics say. We work for people. We are here to entertain the people.

3) What happens when someone makes a mistake on stage? Has Salman ever goofed up?
If anything goes wrong on stage, it is only we who know it, nobody else. We cover up, and the key is that you don’t really have to show it on your face, and nobody ever knows. Last year, when we were doing this show in New Zealand, I remember Salman Khan and I were dancing on ‘Tere Naina’ and his mic wire came off. We performed the entire song with proper steps, but there were a few steps we couldn’t do the way we were supposed to do because Salman was still fidgeting with his wire, trying to fix it that too while dancing. So, it was only us who knew it, the crowd kept on cheering for him, they didn’t know that there was something wrong on stage.

Salman Khan and the troop are performing at the Barclaycard Arena on September 16, and at the London Arena on September 17.

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