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Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Children’s Day! Haanikaran Baapu from Aamir Khan’s Dangal is perfect song for the day. Here’s how

Aamir Khan is a tough Haanikarak Baapu in Dangal and we can relate to what his on-screen daughters have been through.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: November 14, 2016 10:19:07 am
aamir khan, dangal Dangal: Aamir Khan plays the character of an Indian Wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat.

No, I do not follow sports or have any kind of interest in being a sportsperson but I still somehow relate to what the younger versions of Dangal girls have gone through in the film’s first song – Haanikaarak Bapu. Now that we have grown up, we really do want to go back to our childhood and relive all those moments where we were free to lead our lives our way, well homework being the only exception. But when I heard this song and watched the visuals, I literally went back to moments and realised there are some moments which I really hope do not come back.

As a kid, I hated drinking milk. I am sure a lot of us did and still keep that glass of ‘health’ away. But remember how our mothers would want us to gulp it down? She wouldn’t even let us play out if we haven’t finished off the tiniest drop of milk wandering on the walls of that glass. Aaarrghhh!

dangal, aamir khan Courtesy: Youtube,

In school, we all loved to be the pranksters and put the blame on some geeky, sitting right in the corner. We just hated being punished, whether in front of the class or at home. But we all have moments when we were punished to become a ‘murgi’, all because we did not obey our teachers or elders. Did you also have your ‘cuckudukoo’ moments too?

aamir khan, dangal, haanikarak baapu Courtesy: Youtube,

I remember how I and my sister would butter my mom for everything we wanted. But at the same time, we would be very angry when she refused to help us with anything. Especially, when you had to get your report card signed.

dangal, aamir khan, haanikarak baapu Courtesy: Youtube,

The one thing I absolutely love about growing up is that I am now free to eat whatever I want. However, in my childhood, eating anything from the roadside was a task. Golgappe, Gola or anything was a faraway dream. And how mom used to keep the pickles away just because I could get a sore throat, which will yet again lead to all the school drama.

aamir khan, dangal, haanikarak baapu Courtesy: Youtube,

The song has definitely taken us to our childhood but with a taste of sour mixed with sweet. This different take on childhood and how the kids feel that their father is ‘unhealthy’ for them is a laughter ride and a major throwback to the kid, still alive inside us. So, on the occasion of Children Day, do share with us what were your horrifying memories from your cute little past.

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