Bigg Boss 10, November 1st episode preview: Mona Lisa confesses her liking for Manoj Punjabi

Bigg Boss 10, November 1st episode preview: Mona Lisa confesses her liking for Manoj Punjabi

Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa will kiss Manoj Punjab in front of the contestants.

bigg boss 10, manoj punjabi, mona lisa
Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi, Mona Lisa to become the first couple of the house.

Love is in the air in Bigg Boss 10 house. Though Mona Lisa belongs to celebrities team and Manoj belongs to the Indiawale team, they both have been seen together a lot and seem to have found a solace in each other’s company amid all the controversies brewing in the Bigg Boss house. Mona, who has been drawn towards the Indiawale team member because of having a connection, will finally accept in front of the housemates that the feeling of liking is mutual towards Manoj. In fact, the Bhojpuri actor will also kiss him in front of the cameras.

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Meanwhile, the housemates have been given their third week’s luxury budget task. After turning into a laundry house, Bigg Boss house is to turn into a kingdom and the king of this palace is none other than Swami Om while VJ Bani will become his immediate Sevak, who has to complete every order given by the king. Now that Swami Om has some power in his hands, will he punish Manoj Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar? In the earlier episode, Manoj Punjabi has revealed to celebrities that once upon a time Swami had confessed on camera that the celebrities are sleeper cell and want to kill him in the house. Seems like Rahul Dev has got affected with his comment the most.

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Rahul, who has been a bit active in the house since the last task, will put up a fight against Swami Om. And when the king orders to punish him, Rahul retaliates and says no one can send him to the jail.

On the other hand, Manoj Punjabi and Manveer Gujjar are planning a conspiracy against Swami Om. They threaten the king that they would kill him. Is it a secret task given by Bigg Boss to have an upper hand in the game? Well, let’s see. Will celebrities finally score a win in this task or it will be the indiawale, who will again win the game keeping themselves at the position of Maliks for consecutively the third week in Bigg Boss?