Big films like ‘Boss’ reach out to more people: Aditi Rao Hydari

Big films like ‘Boss’ reach out to more people: Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi is ecstatic to be promoting 'Boss' across countries with lead actor Akshay Kumar.

For Aditi Rao Hydari,it has been a gradual rise to the big league. Seen earlier this year in ‘Murder 3’ as a feisty young woman with guts to match and a mind of her own,she is now enjoying her own place under the sun (and on the beach!) in ‘Boss’. As the only female lead in this all-men affair (Akshay Kumar,Ronit Roy,Shiv Pandit),Aditi is ecstatic to be promoting the film across countries and then enjoying a huge arrival this Wednesday.

“It is very exciting indeed,” Aditi Rao Hydari is clearly beaming with joy here,considering the elaborate promotional drive of the film,”For every actor,it is a dream to be a part of a film which boasts of a big scale. A film like ‘Boss’ promises to reach out to a larger set of people. It helps everyone,especially someone like me who has come into this industry without knowing anybody. As your base increases,so does the recognition,acknowledgment and appreciation that comes along with it.”

One can pretty much expect her to say so,considering the fact that her earlier release of the year was relatively much smaller ‘Murder 3′ which catered to a select set of audience.

“In my mind it was a successful film and I gained a lot from it,” says 27 year old Aditi,who was appreciated for her part of a damsel in distress,”As for whether a movie works or not,it is a perception. On paper,’Murder 3’ was a hit. If you compare it with Murder 2 then yes,it did lesser numbers. However,do you know that it was made at a budget of just Rs. 6 crores? Now who can stand up and say that the film didn’t do well? See,the thing is that we have started looking at everything in a small minded way. Every film should be judged for what it is. It was a very different plot and just like London Paris New York,I got good press.”


Something that she is now confident about gaining from ‘Boss’ as well. Moreover,as for the box office outcome,she is gearing up for exponentially larger numbers due to the film’s scale and setting.

“‘Boss’ should be a good step ahead; it should do a lot more business. In terms of the journey of a character,this is much massier. Every film of mine has done double the business of my last one. Now this one should be much higher,” she gleams.

She isn’t sitting content though.

“I feel that there is a lot more to do. I want to do cinema like this which reaches out to more people so that I become viable option for people. This way,I would be able to do the kind of films that I want to do,” smiles Aditi before signing off.