Baby-Doll singer Kanika Kapoor on actors turning singers: It can be quite distasteful

Baby-Doll singer Kanika Kapoor on actors turning singers: It can be quite distasteful

Kanika Kapoor, known for singing hit number "Baby-Doll", is primarily known for singing peppy dance numbers. Here she talks about what makes a hit song in her opinion. She also shared her take on actors turning singers in Bollywood and singers using lip-syncing while perfoming on stage.

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Kanika Kapoor candidly talks about what she thinks of actors turning singers.

Kanika Kapoor, the voice behind “Baby-Doll”, has a flourishing career as a playback singer in Bollywood. It is no surprise that Kanika is known for her peppy dance numbers. However, recently, Kanika gave her soulful voice to the comparatively subtle “Ambarsariya” with Guru Randhawa’s iconic “Suit Suit”, in her latest mix on T-series Mixtape powered by Saavn.

We caught up with the beautiful singer-performer, mother of three, as she got candid about what makes a hit song. She also shared her take on actors turning singers in Bollywood.

1. Innovation is the key to success today. How do singers manage that pressure?

There is surely a lot of pressure for all the artistes. Because as human nature, even as much as you would like to believe that everything is well, and there is not competition, but somewhere from within, you are competitive. Competition brings innovation, I continuously think on what different I can do, and it helps. You are always fighting with your oneself, and theatre is the truth. But with this I have also realised that just as you keep trying new things, you have to stick to your roots, and offer something great, but original. If you are trained, and if you do your ‘rihaaz’ everyday, you will perform well. That’s my meditation, and that’s how I manage the pressure.


2. What’s your take on actors taking up singing without proper training?

I think it can be quite distasteful. But then there were times I listened to Alia (Bhatt), and I thought it was quite nice. ‘Main Tenu Samjhava’ was really good, I felt there was a lot of innocence in that song. But then there are others who have sung and I did not like it at all. So it depends from actor to actor. I think it shouldn’t be over done, and they need to stop thinking that they are singers after singing in their movies.

3. Today, singers need to be glamorous and performers too. Tell us more about this shift.

Talk about pressure here, yet again! When I came into the industry I really didn’t know how to perform. I had to learn it over the first two years, and today I am able to perform, but there is a long way to go for me, but I am very committed to my job. There goes a lot of hard work and dedication behind performances, and you have to make sure that you are not arrogant towards your job. The day you feel you know it all, you stop learning, and that’s taught me a lot. I am ready to learn, and I am ready for criticism.

4. Recently an international ‘singer-performer’ came down to India and lip-synced, but people paid a lot for it. However, when Indian singers perform in India, not too many people turn up. Your take on this?

I think people are very drawn towards brands, names, more than singing of certain. That’s why they go for these concerts. I also went for a concert recently as I was invited for it, and I promise you I didn’t know more than one or two songs by this person, but I went because I as invited. I went because many people I knew were going, we are all in a rut. I left in the first ten minutes, because it was so boring. But that’s what people are drawn towards, the media, the buzz and the PR works on people’s psyche.

Talking about lip-syncing, honestly, there are many times there are too my shows, and most singers have bits and pieces of lip-syncing in their shows. It is really difficult to perform so much, and not to get exhausted. But of course, not the whole show can be lip-synced.