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Ayan Mukerji releases Kesariya dance version that Karan Johar didn’t approve of: ‘This was shot first’

Filmmaker Ayan Mukerji released a 'dance Kesariya' version and wrote a long note explaining how this Brahmastra song was born.

ranbir alia kesariya memes brahmastraAyan Mukerji has released a new version of the track Kesariya.

Filmmaker Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra became a blockbuster within the first weekend of its release in September. Besides the movie, the song’s film Kesariya also created a lot of buzz for its lyrics. Keeping the momentum alive, the filmmaker released a new version of Kesariya and revealed that the dance version was shot before the romantic version.

In a long note, Ayan wrote, “So…Before Kesariya became the song we all know and love today, it was… This ! A dancier groovier version of the Song! As you can now see, we even shot it. Then I realised that the film needed a more romantic version of the Song, the true version of Kesariya was created, I pleaded and convinced everyone to reshoot it … and I thought we would never show anyone this earlier version of Kesariya… But now – Our film has done really well, the festive season is upon us, and while this version of the song wasn’t right for the film… it’s still great fun and we all love it ! So we’re thinking of having some fun, and releasing it this weekend with the Video we shot !(Shall we?!!!) Let’s call it … KESARIYA… DANCE MIX!”

Earlier Karan Johar had revealed during a chat with Times Now how he didn’t like this version of the song. “Kesariya was shot in another way. Kesariya was shot with Ranbir dancing quite feverishly. When we saw the song, I said ‘What the hell is going on? What is wrong with you Ayan?’. Why were they dancing? Kesariya was shot differently. Same tune melody but treated differently. It is then that Ayan realised it has to be treated differently,” the filmmaker said.

Check out the song here –


Brahmastra performed exceptionally well at the box office upon its release on September 9. The film ended Hindi box office’s dry spell and crossed Rs 200 crore and continues to perform well. Talking about the reception the film got Ayan in a ShareChat Audio Chatroom said, “Truly, we all were relieved. We were confident that the film would attract a large set of audience but it felt amazing to witness that the audience enjoyed watching our efforts. This also gave us confidence and motivation to work on the upcoming parts of the series.”

Actor Alia Bhatt, who played the role of Isha added to this, “The climax gave us a deeper understanding of the essence of the film. It made us more aware of what was happening. It’s a combination of both physical and emotional challenges. This is a film that is heavy on visual effects, so the things you can see weren’t present at the shoot. This makes it extremely challenging to accept it physically and show it emotionally.”

The film’s protagonist Shiva was played by Ranbir Kapoor. He was one of the astras and was liked by the audience. Ranbir feels that the audience has become less forgiving now. ”

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“Previously, the audience was much more forgiving, however, that has changed now. Also, the music consumption has changed a lot and the new generation of filmmakers do not really pay a lot of attention to music,” he said.

First published on: 30-09-2022 at 03:19:40 pm
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