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Aruna Irani opens up about ‘getting married to a married man’: ‘Maine koi ghar todne ke liye nahi affair kia’

Aruna Irani opened up about her relationship with director Kuku Kohli and why she decided to not have children with him.

aruna iraniAruna Irani opened up about her personal life in a recent chat. (Photo: Express Archives)
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Aruna Irani opens up about ‘getting married to a married man’: ‘Maine koi ghar todne ke liye nahi affair kia’
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Aruna Irani was known for her dance numbers in films such as Caravan and Bobby in the 1970s, and while she enjoyed a lot of success from her work in the movies, Aruna went through a “difficult” phase when she “got married to a married man.” In a recent chat with ANI, Aruna opened up about her relationship with director Kuku Kohli. She also spoke about why she chose not to have children, given her arrangement with Kuku.

“When you get married to a married man, it gets very difficult. Like today, I am married to a married man. I was married, but nobody knew I am married. Now, I think she (Kuku’s first wife) had some problems, she died a year back. So I can speak about it now, otherwise I never used to talk. I used to tell people that please, don’t talk about it… because I didn’t want to hurt anybody. My affair, my relationship with Kuku Kohli was not there to hurt anybody or snatch away somebody,” she said.

Aruna mentioned that the ‘other woman’ shouldn’t be the only one to be blamed for a relationship, the wives must understand that their husband is equally guilty. “Aap dekhiye yeh jo wives hoti hain, voh hamesha dusri aurat ko gaali deti hain (Wives always blame the other woman) See, I am not responsible to keep you happy, your husband is responsible, hold him first. Tell him ‘why did you do this?’ Maine koi ghar todne ke liye nahi affair kia (I did not have an affair to destroy someone’s family). But something happens, I don’t know what, only a man would know or a woman would know as to why a third person enters,” she said.

Aruna said that this was the first time she was openly talking about Kuku Kohli because all this while, she was considerate about his family – his wife and two daughters. “Industry knew that I am with him, and I am married to him. Journalists also knew. I would tell people beforehand that don’t ask me about him because if you are going to question me, I am not going to answer,” she said.

The Bombay To Goa actor added that it is a man’s responsibility to go back to his wife and said that marriage does not give anyone any kind of security, but love does. “Marriage has no security, only love has security. If there is love, then you have a marriage, otherwise it’s just a piece of paper,” she said.

Aruna emotionally spoke about her decision to not have children because she was with someone who already had a family. She shared, “It is not easy for a person to get married to a married man. I didn’t have a child because of that. I got married to a married man, I am suffering, it’s my job, let the pain be with me only. But if my child asks ‘where is papa?’, what do I say? If something happens to my child in the middle of the night, I can’t call him. So that’s why I never wanted a child. Voh dukh main apne bachche ko nahi dungi (I can’t transfer that sorrow to my child). The first thing (we decided), we will not have a child. Ab toh 77 ho gaye, ab kya karenge (Now I am 77, what to do now)?”

First published on: 04-02-2023 at 18:25 IST
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