Aparshakti Khurrana on Dangal, Aamir Khan and why he can’t be rude to men in uniform

Aparshakti is on cloud nine having received praise from all quarters for his performance in Dangal

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: December 29, 2016 4:26:51 pm

Aparshakti Khurana , dangal, aamir, aamir khan, Aparshakti Khurana is on cloud nine having received praise from all quarters for his performance in Dangal

Aparshakti is on cloud nine having received praise from all quarters for his performance in Dangal. And the unbelievable icing on the cake was when none other than Rajinikanth expressed happiness at his performance. Aparshakti says about the experience,”The whole thing has been so overwhelming. You need to be blessed to be part of such a project. Such projects happen only once in 10 years in Bollywood. It can’t get better than this.”

Apart from praises received from people from the industry and friends, it was his brother Ayushmann’s words of appreciation that he awaited the most. “Just the way Aamir praises his daughter right at the very end by saying ‘Shabash’, a similar thing happened in my case as well. Ayushmann has always been guarded in his praises for me. He would only say it is okay. It is nice. But this time he told me that you are really good. He is somebody who has inspired me. I saw him performing on stage when I was in class seven. He inspired me to get into the creative field. He and his praise mean a lot to me.”

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It was Aamir Khan’s presence in Dangal that made Aparshakti say yes to the film immediately. “The moment Aamir sir is in a film, you say yes. These films choose you. You can’t choose such a big film. I have been getting messages from many people today. I got a message from my school teacher. I was in tears because when I was in school I never got any appreciation. I spent a good 10 minutes talking to her and that was overwhelming.”

Talking about the biggest takeaway from Dangal, the actor said, “We were all comfortable before the film started. We used to do readings and practise at Aamir sir’s place. We were made comfortable by Kiran maam and Aamir sir. We forgot we were in a film-making process. Aamir sir is very humble. He is not a star in his head. Also, there were so many good people attached to the project. Kiran maam, Aamir and Nitesh sir made me a better human being in life.”

The actor is not averse to doing a biopic yet again and feels he can play the role of Yuvraj Singh or Harbhajan Singh to the T. “I would want to do a cricketer’s biopic. I am ambidextrous. I can play Yuvraj Singh or Harbhajan Singh naturally on screen and I would love to do so if I ever get a chance.”

While Aparshakti does come across as an affable person, the actor recently found himself embroiled in a controversy after he allegedly had a fight with airport security at Mumbai airport.

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Calling it as an unfortunate twisting of facts, Aparshakti told indianexpress.com, “First of all, it is very unfortunate that this has happened and without any reason. I have immense respect for people in uniform. I always wanted to join the army. Bahut hi twist karke things have been mentioned. I had no idea it would come out like this. I had lost luggage worth Rs 4-5 lakh and I haven’t got my luggage back yet. It is unfortunate that happened. I always have had and will have immense respect for our men in uniform. There is not even one person who can say that Aparshakti can be rude to somebody. There is not even one person who will say that. When you sit with me you will understand that and where I am coming from.”

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