Anushka Sharma says she is a great representative of ghosts. She is a damn good rapper too and here’s proof of both, watch video

Anushka Sharma says she is a great representative of ghosts. She is a damn good rapper too and here’s proof of both, watch video

Why did Anushka Sharma play a ghost in Phillauri? Because she was so tired of playing a human, she just had to. Check out the actor as she gives us such quotable quotes and also raps for us.

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Anushka Sharma is a damn good ghost and a damn good rapper. We have proof of both.

Anushka Sharma is everywhere. No, we mean literally — she was at the Oscars 2017 goof-up, she walked on the Moon with Neil Armstrong and she is attending every shaadi that is happening these days. If you have trouble digesting this news, check out Anushka’s social media accounts because… #ShashiWasThere. Nobody had as much fun turning a ghost and Anushka’s Shashi is the most fun, and most popular, ghost since Casper. To prove her Casper credentials, Anushka said, “Phillauri is releasing on March 24, that is just after kids’ exams, and they can also watch it along with their parents. I am so excited knowing the fact that all the kids will love the film.”

In fact, Anushka has many firsts in this film — the first time she is playing a ghost, the first time she is rapping (for the uninitiated, this is where you check out her song Naughty Billo) and the first time she is working with Diljit Dosanjh. As the one who added naughty to Phillauri’s Naughty Billo, the actor says, “I was confident about rapping for the song, as Diljit thought I was good at it. And now I can’t stop rapping, I have quite a lot of fun recording it!” Just to prove that she cannot stop rapping, she did it for us too, watch the video here…

Watch: Anushka Sharma raps, Diljit Dosanjh sings

After her rapping, it is out of the body experience that has Anushka most kicked. In a tete-a-tete with, the actor says, “I had fun becoming a ghost, I was tired being human all the time. Me hovering in the air is all VFX done by Red Chillies, and they have done an awesome job! But I had to do my bit of research to make sure I represent the ghost community well!”

Anushka Sharma’s Shashi is everywhere. Check it out…

As a producer, it appears as if Anushka is ready for challenges while she takes comparatively safer jobs as an actor. Whether it was the edgy NH10 or the adorable Phillauri, Anushka has gone to new places as a producer-actor. “When I am a producer and an actor, I feel more responsible towards the film. With more responsibilities, I tend to do perform better too! I give a lot of creative inputs. For example right now when I am working on Imtiaz Ali’s film, I just act and that’s it. I don’t have anything else to do. So I enjoy doing more, I enjoy being a producer and an actor. It is a lot more fun and challenging. I am more involved in a film being a producer. I am more confident as an actor, and I am learning the tricks and traits of being a successful producer.”