Anushka Manchanda on NSFW Lay You Down video: I am extremely proud of what I’ve done

Anushka Manchanda on NSFW Lay You Down video: I am extremely proud of what I’ve done

Anushka Manchanda and Monica Dogra's recent video Lay You Down had raised many eyebrows for showing same sex love.

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Anushka Manchanda – Monica Dogra’s recent video Lay You Down is about same sex love.

Singer-turned-actor Anushka Manchanda recently appeared in an extremely bold yet aesthetically shot video in which the actor shares some intimate moments with actor Monica Dogra. The video expresses the struggle of expressing love to the same sex and is titled Lay You Down. In the past, we have often seen such videos or concepts being at the receiving end of controversies and flak but Anushka is prepared to go through everything because she says she believes in what she has done.

In an exclusive conversation with, the singer said, “We were very clear about what we were doing. I trust my director and cinematographer completely so I wasn’t worried about it. I wasn’t worried if it would look vulgar. I was just concerned about performing and live that moment.”

She added, “When we were discussing this with producer Nanok about this, I had told him that I need to be able to stand up for whatever I have done. We can’t just make a video of two chicks making out. There needs to be something more, we need to establish that there is a relationship and how it is struggling to be expressive and free. We were making sure that we portray some kind of fight and limitations in the video.”

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Anushka Manchanda says the country needs to worry about other things but love.

On being asked if this is a way she has opted to bring about a change in the mindset of people, she said, “We are not going out there to start a movement but just trying to put across that love is love and being in love is not a crime. We wanted to create a product for which we are not embarrassed nor afraid. So, tomorrow if somebody raises an objection against it, I should be able to stand up with my head held high for the thing I have done. I believe in what I have done.”

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In fact, the Angry Indian Goddesses actor feels it is funny and ironic how the law makers of our country consider same-sex love as a crime but nothing is being done about marital rape. “Look at the world right now. I really think we have many other things to worry about than love, that too between two consenting adults. There is pollution, education, politics, think about these things. Also, it is weird but true that in India expressing love is a crime, making out is a crime but marital rape is not. What the hell? It’s ridiculous,” she added.

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Anushka was present at Reebok Fit To Fight awards. She expressed that as far as work is concerned, she wants to do things that send out a message in society and inspires people. “Honestly, I want to do work which makes me learn something or do something which inspires. That’s what we need!

I don’t care about money, I care about my energy and time that I am putting in. I do gigs because I earn money from it but don’t ask me to go on shows like Bigg Boss.”


When she mentioned about it, of course, we could not hold ourselves from asking if she was offered to be a part of the controversial reality show. “It was almost finalised but I was like NEVER. Although we should never say never because it always comes back. But I will go mad if I am in the house without a book to pen down my thoughts, without music and without a recorder, I will kill myself. And moreover I can’t stay with my roommate, so surrounded with so many people is going to be a task.”