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Anupam Kher says ‘every country has traitors’ in response to Nadav Lapid’s comments about The Kashmir Files: ‘If you can’t handle the harsh truth…’

Anupam Kher said in his video response to filmmaker Nadav Lapid's comments against The Kashmir Files that the common Israeli citizen will be able to empathise with the plight of Kashmiri Hindus.

anupam kher nadav lapidAnupam Kher has reacted to Nadav Lapid's comments about The Kashmir Files.

The Kashmir Files actor Anupam Kher posted a video response to Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s recent comments against The Kashmir Files. Anupam was the most prominent cast member of the film, which generated controversy upon release earlier this year, but went on to become a blockbuster hit. It was screened in competition at the recently concluded International Film Festival of India (IFFI), where Lapid served as the head of the jury.

He called the film a piece of propaganda, and said that it should not have been included in the official selection. His comments have been met with controversy, with even Israel’s Ambassador to India saying that they’ve damaged ties between the two nations.

After initially tweeting about the matter with stills from The Kashmir Files, and seemingly comparing the film to Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, Anupam Kher told news agency ANI that he believed the political statement to be pre-planned.

On Tuesday, Kher shared a video message with the caption, “The truth of The Kashmir Files is stuck like a thorn in the throat of some people. They are neither able to swallow it nor spit it out! Their souls, which are dead, are desperately trying to prove this truth false. But this film is now a movement, not a film. Let the #Toolkit gang keep trying.”


In his video message, he said in Hindi, “Some people aren’t used to telling the truth. They sugarcoat it, they gloss over it. They perceive it through rose-tinted glasses. They especially can’t handle the harsh realities of what happened in Kashmir. They want a sanitized telling of this story. And that’s what they’ve been doing for over two decades. And now, when The Kashmir Files has rained on their parade, by presenting the whole truth without compromise, they’re bothered by it.

He continued, “If you can’t handle the naked truth, the harsh truth, then you should poke out your eyes, you should sew your mouth shut. Stop making fun of it. Because we are here to honour this truth; our wives and daughters have experienced it. We are all still reeling from it. This truth is a part of our lives. I urge you to go and ask the Pandits what they feel. India and Israel are friends. Both countries have survived terror. An ordinary Israeli can understand the plight of a Kashmiri Hindu. On the other hand, every country has traitors of its own; that is also a truth.”

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Lapid in his remarks at the closing ceremony of the 53rd IFFI had called The Kashmir Files a ‘vulgar’ piece of propaganda filmmaking. The film had attracted controversy on similar grounds upon its release earlier this year, but became a word-of-mouth hit despite it all.”

First published on: 29-11-2022 at 13:11 IST
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