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Friday, September 24, 2021

Never want to disassociate from the Kapoor legacy: Anshula Kapoor

An entrepreneur, Anshula Kapoor says even though films were always "ghar ki khichdi," she never felt attracted to them beyond as an audience.

Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai |
October 7, 2019 4:12:32 pm
Anshula Kapoor Anshula Kapoor said her desire to create a distinct professional personality does not clash with her pride to be known as “Arjun Kapoor’s sister.”. (Photo: Anshula Kapoor/Instagram)

Even as her siblings – older and younger – pursued their film ambitions, Anshula Kapoor – daughter of producer Boney Kapoor – studied urban planning in New York before taking up a job in Delhi, far removed from the universe of movie sets. An entrepreneur, Anshula says even though films were always “ghar ki khichdi,” she never felt attracted to them beyond as an audience.

“It’s never been something that has been in even my top five of what I wanted to do. My interest has always been a little different. Cinema for me is like ghar ki khichdi but if I want to get entertained I will watch a film but it’s never been like a singular profession for me. My family has been really supportive in me wanting to explore whatever I want to. There’s never been a pressure that you have to join family business,” she tells

Naturally so, she stayed away from the limelight until now. Her new project – Fankind – an online fundraising platform is making sure she speaks to the media, which she has seen till now interacting with the film personalities in her family. Fankind is also the closest Anshula comes to movies in a professional capacity, for the platform unites celebrities and their fans for a cause.

“Strangely enough, the germ for this was sown at Sonam’s (Kapoor, her older cousin) wedding. The amount of love that not just Sonam and Anand (Ahuja) but the whole family received in terms of the positivity was a wave, which was unprecedented for me because normally people aren’t very happy for someone they don’t know. There’s always negativity, comments about the things you are wearing, you are doing but this was really positive in terms of love we saw. That solidified that I wanted to do something for the fans.”

But even before Sonam’s wedding, which took place last year in May, her desire to do something for the fans had stayed with her since her brother Arjun Kapoor made his acting debut. “Arjun bhaiya became an actor in 2012 but he wasn’t on social media until 2014 so for those two years all of his fans would contact me to pass on their message to him. So, we kind of created this relationship where they treated me like their sister and they were really sweet to me. I have had their fanclubs name a star after me on my birthday, they made me trend on Twitter so, they have done these sweet gestures for me,” Anshula shared.

Fankind aims to curate various experiences with a celebrity and provide fans a chance to win this experience. The website reads that fans have to pledge an entry for Rs 300, for which the timeline in each campaigns is 30 days. Post which one winner is randomly selected who then gets an opportunity of doing a fun activity with the celebrity. Out of the total contributions from the campaign, 70 per cent of it is supposed to go to a charity, for which Give India is the philanthropy partner.

Anshula says what added to the conception of Fankind was her mother’s teaching, “Always give back a little out of whatever you have received. “Fans don’t know me, they don’t know my brother but they still wish well for us like they would do for their family members. So, I wanted to do something to give back to them. I knew at the back of my mind that whatever I do will have a giving back to it because my mom was a big believer in whatever you have, give back a part of it,” she said.

So far, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Prajakta Kohli have joined the initiative, and Anshula says she wanted to begin with people outside her family to get a reality check about the venture. She further shared, “Arjun bhaiya, Sonam didi, Anil chachu (Kapoo) will of course be a part of it. But we wanted to start with an outsider because business has to go beyond family. Me approaching someone outside in the industry was testing the viability of the ideas and the model, if it will work.”

It would have been far easier for Anshula to pitch her ideas to celebrities given her name, and Anshula not only acknowledges it but is also comfortable with her identity as a Kapoor. She says her desire to create a distinct professional personality does not clash with her pride to be known as “Arjun Kapoor’s sister.”

“…Like I was in the bathroom and someone asked me if I was Arjun Kapoor’s sister and that gives me so much joy to be recognised as so and so’s sibling. In no way do I want to disassociate with my legacy or who I am, where I come from because I am very proud of my family and probably I wouldn’t be in a position to make Fankind happen if it wasn’t for them. There’s an approach to have an identity of my own but to become this figure who is detached from the Kapoors has never crossed my mind,” she said.

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