Angad Bedi to turn director, will narrate the story of dad Bishan Singh Bedi’s cricket career

Angad Bedi to turn director, will narrate the story of dad Bishan Singh Bedi’s cricket career

Angad Bedi, who began his career as a cricketer himself, is now turning into a director and writer for a documentary on his father and former Indian cricketer, Bishan Singh Bedi's life. The actor says his father's journey is inspirational and a documentary would be the best way to pay him tribute.

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Angad Bedi might play the lead character in Bishan Singh Bedi biopic.

After making a mark as an actor with his last outing Pink, Angad Bedi is all set to make a documentary on his father and former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi’s life. The actor would be documenting his life before and after becoming an outstanding cricketer of the Indian cricket team.

Angad Bedi, who himself started his career by playing cricket for the Delhi in the Under 16 and 19 teams, wants people to relive his father’s cricket journey and his personal journey as well. He personally loves watching documentaries, which he feels showcase the realities of life as opposed to movies.

“I feel a documentary will do justice as there is a lot in his life personal as well as professionally which needs to be seen and told.. his rapport with the players.. him being this larger than life personality… brutally honest in calling a spade. How he stood up for the players even against the administration sometimes.. his relevance in the modern day cricket as well. Known as a straight shooter… loved fondly by his friends popularly known as “BISH” his friendships.. his fallouts… His relationship at home… him n me how we were and now how we are… His love for the game is greater than anything else,” says the actor.

Angad feels that his life journey may inspire many more upcoming cricketers. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, the actor said, “I love sports and look up to all the icons our country has produced. Fortunately, I was born to one of them. Now, I want to share his inspiring cricketing journey with everyone. I want everyone to know about his passion for it.”

The former Indian cricketer and spin wizard played for India between 1966 and 1979 and served as a captain in 22 test matches. Angad began his film career with Remo D Souza’s FALTU. However, he became the talk of the town since the release of Pink. He also appeared in Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dear Zindagi and next would be seen pairing with Salman Khan in Tiger Zina Hai.