People are feeling motivated after watching Super 30: Anand Kumar

People are feeling motivated after watching Super 30: Anand Kumar

The success of Super 30 has left not only the makers elated but also academician Anand Kumar. The Vikas Bahl directorial has minted Rs 130.14 crore till now.

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Anand Kumar’s life story inspired Bollywood film Super 30.

The success of Super 30 has left not only the makers elated but also academician Anand Kumar, who inspired the film. The mathematician, who coaches 30 underprivileged students for the IIT entrance exam, is now approached by parents who want their children to be under his tutelage. “Parents of class 7 and 8 students are asking me to teach their children. When I tell them I only teach students from Class 10 onwards, they request me to adjust them in the class. People’s expectations from me have increased manifold,” an elated Kumar tells

Life has changed for Kumar after Hrithik Roshan narrated his story on the big screen through Super 30. Now, his family is treated with more respect and he is at the receiving end of lot of love and good wishes. “Before Super 30, people were maligning me and my family’s image. They used to taunt us. But after watching the movie, when the truth came out, people are meeting me with so much love. They are appreciating me for my work. My family is extremely happy. A good response to the movie has re-established our belief that there still exist good people in society,” Kumar shared.

It’s been a while since Super 30 released, but it continues to rake in moolah. The Vikas Bahl directorial has minted Rs 130.14 crore till now. But, more than the box office figures, it is the inspiration that people have taken from the movie which matters to Anand Kumar the most.

He stated, “It feels really good that people are watching and appreciating my story. What is even more overwhelming is that people are feeling motivated after watching Super 30 and are becoming hopeful of a better future. Some parents are calling me and telling that their children are motivated to study and have stopped using the mobile phone. The message which the film intended to send across to the audience has reached them. Earnings at the box office don’t matter.”


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Anand Kumar who “never expected this response” from the audience often felt he was looking at himself and not Hrithik Roshan on the screen. He felt the actor “accurately adapted his way of talking and other mannerisms.” He believes Super 30 is the best screen adaptation of his life from the other three that have been made until now. While Discovery Channel made an hour-long documentary on Kumar, Yoichi Itoh, the chief economist of STB Research Institute, Japan, also made a film on his education program.

“Super 30 touched upon all the aspects of my life. Discovery channel and the Japanese channel just talked about my father but never picturised him. They only talked about my past life and showcased still photos, but Super 30 brought it alive on the screen,” Kumar shared.

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Super 30 released on July 12.

Talking about the reaction of his pupils, the academician said, “Students of that batch are so excited and happy. Abhishek (Phuga in the movie) was surprised after watching the movie. Shashi who is a scientist now and Anjali who is working with BSNL said they felt as if they returned to that classroom. This response from them made me happy. Some who were outside India called me and their spouses told me they have immense respect for me.”

Super 30 showcases Anand Kumar’s journey being affected by lack of funds among other things. But what held back the Patna-based teacher in real life was the coaching mafia supported by politicians. Kumar revealed, “In the movie, it has been shown that money was my major concern, but the main problem for me was the coaching mafia who were troubling me with the help of the politicians. Our volunteers were sent to jail. But only a small portion of it was shown in the movie. I even asked the makers the reason for it and they said they cannot include everything in the 2-2.5 hours film.”

Apart from his life story, what intrigued people before the release of Super 30 was his revelation that he is suffering from acoustic neuroma, a brain tumour. Kumar said he could not hear from his right ear and when it was investigated, he got to know it was a tumour. The 46-year-old said, “For now, it’s under control”. He also shared that nobody from the team of Super 30 knew about his medical condition. “Nobody knew about it apart from my family. Everyone appreciated me that I am very brave to not talk about my health and motivated me to go ahead in life,” Kumar signed off.