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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Amitabh Bachchan’s speech for Sachin Tendulkar at his Bharat Ratna celebration party

'Fresh words shall have to be introduced in dictionaries to describe his (Sachin Tendulkar) worth.'

Written by Goyal Divya | New Delhi | Published: November 19, 2013 10:39:47 am

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan gave a moving speech at Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement cum Bharat Ratna celebration party on November 18 at Waterstones Club,Sahar in Mumbai.

The 71-year-old superstar was overwhelmed by the cricket maestro’s generosity at the party.

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He wrote on his Faceboook page: “A delightful evening with Sachin Tendulkar,as he invites us to celebrate his Bharat Ratna,alongwith his team mates and family and friends .. all paying such glorious tributes to this pride of our nation … meeting up with all the members of the Indian Team .. players whom we admire and respect as we see their accomplishments on the field .. so humble and generous in their countenance !! Wishing Sachin all the very best he deserves in the coming years.

Thank you Sachin for making all of us proud to be an Indian !!!

Amitabh Bachchan also gave a warm speech in Sachin Tendulkar’s honour. Big B said: Congratulations Sachin ,first for this great honour of the Bharat Ratna – there could not have been a more fitting occasion to decorate you with this highest civilian honour.

Mention the name Sachin Tendulkar in any part of the country,or in the cricketing world,and an immediate smile or a gasp in awe erupts. That to me is the quality of his presence in our lives.

Question the condition of a match in progress where India is playing and the first thing you ask is … ‘Sachin khel raha hai’ … ‘bat karne aaya’ … ‘kitne run banaye’ The situation of the game is secondary.

The news of his retirement stopped many a heart beats including mine. It was as though a portion of our system was leaving us for good. Many admirers and masters of the game,must have felt the same. Some perhaps,with due respect,breathing a sigh of relief,because they would not have to face his brilliance as an adversary.

I am not qualified technically or professionally to comment on his style and craft as far as the game is concerned,but when I am asked to think back on him,there is just one thought that comes across – where was I and what was I doing at the age of 16 ! And I do not need to think any further. At an age when we struggling how to button up our trousers,he was facing some of the fiercest bowling attacks ever seen,and coming out victorious !

Epithets like ‘legend’ and ‘icon’ are not enough to describe his glory. Fresh words shall have to be introduced in dictionaries to describe his worth.

History shall change its chapters with time … but time and history shall never be able to change what Sachin has meant to all of us.

Thank you Sachin for making us proud to be an Indian !!

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