Alia Bhatt would be perfect to play me in my biopic, says The Hit Girl Asha Parekh

Alia Bhatt would be perfect to play me in my biopic, says The Hit Girl Asha Parekh

Asha Parekh on life: I would want to change many things but I think it's too late.

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Asha Parekh says Alia Bhatt is similar to how she used to be while growing up.

Veteran actor Asha Parekh has penned down her life story in her biopic, which has been titled The Hit Girl. While the decision of the title was taken by co-author Khalid Mohammad, the actor has already decided who would play her on-screen if ever her life gets a film adaptation. “We were trying to search the apt title of the book, it was Ajay Mago and Khalid Mohammad who came up with this and suddenly Ajay said, ‘The Hit Girl’ and we thought it is amazing.”

She said, as far as a film about her is concerned, “Let the people decide after reading the book if they would want to see my life on screen. I cannot say anything on that.” However, the Dil Deke Dekho actor said if ever it does happen then the lead actor has to be Alia Bhatt. “Alia Bhatt will be the right person. She is chulbul – all bubbly kind of girl – which I used to be during my growing up years.”

The 74-year-old had worked with the best in the industry. She has co-starred with Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor and many others in her evergreen career. Recalling their impact on her as an individual and as an actor, Asha said, “I’ve always taken a lot of inspiration from every actor I have worked with but Shammi Kapoor was the one who helped me in many ways. Like, I did not know how to lip sync, he taught me how to sing the songs in a film. All the expressions during the song and singing and feeling the song, I have learnt that from him.”


But being the most popular actor does not get guarantee happiness. Asha Parekh faced depression for a long time. “For depression, I had to take medical help. We hired a doctor who got me out of it. Also, it is not a taboo, depression is a normal phenomenon. It does not only exist in the industry. People in general too go through depression and commit suicide, don’ they? But yes, it is increasing because of so much of stress, tension and the kind of lifestyle people are leading.”


On being asked if Bollywood or the film industry is a lonely place, she said, “My darling, when you are on top, you are always alone.”

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In the book, she also talks about her motherhood. “I wanted to adopt a child but then my parents got sick. Both fell ill together. So that time, they became my kids and I had to look after them because of which I could not adopt.” After this, her motherly instincts took a backseat. Something similar happened when the actor wanted to get married, “It is not that I did not want to get married but then all those matches which were coming for me, things did not work. It did not happen but I think I am happy as single.”

And when you ask her if she wishes to change any incident from the past, she says, “I would want to, but I think its too late to change anything.”