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Alia Bhatt talks about relationship with mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor: ‘She says I’m not your saas, but your friend’

Alia Bhatt spoke about her bond with mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor and said the two are more like friends. She added that Neetu and son Ranbir Kapoor are alike in many ways.

alia bhatt, neetu kapoorAlia Bhatt said mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor is more like a friend to her. (Photo: Alia Bhatt/Instagram)

Alia Bhatt was all praise for mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor and called her ‘ so cool’. In a recent interview, she opened up about how their relationship has evolved and mentioned that it will only get deeper with time. The Darlings actor also mentioned how Neetu Kapoor is a lot like son Ranbir Kapoor, adding that she has always been supportive.

Talking about how Rishi Kapoor’s death brought them closer, Alia Bhatt said that grief always gets the family together. “It has evolved from the first time I met her. There was that time at which we all just became so much closer because I think grief or any kind of situation in a family brings you together and makes you really value each other,” she said in an interview with Bollywood Bubble.

Giving more details about her relationship, she recalled her friends’ reaction to Neetu Kapoor at her wedding, who seemed too impressed by her saas. She said, “My relationship with her will continue to deepen and evolve and even now I see it. She’s so much like Ranbir in a sense. She is so supportive, she’s so positive and at the same time, she really lets you be. Even through my years of knowing her, of like even staying in touch… it’s just very easy and she is very chill. Even during my wedding, my friends were like ‘Oh My God, your mother-in-law is just outstanding, she’s so cool. She’s too much fun. She’s really really cool.’”


Stating that she’s genuinely grateful to have Neetu Kapoor in her life, Alia added that they share a friend-like equation. The Raazi actor added that Neetu also brings a lot of warmth in their lives, as she said, “Whenever we have hung out, she’s not got that energy that I am your mother-in-law. She’s not got that vibe. She’s like I’m your friend. She said it also. She said ‘I will be your friend first. I will not be your mother-in-law’. Because that’s the relationship she had with her mom-in-law. So she’s like I want us to have that relationship. Genuinely, I’m so grateful for her in my life. She’s so.. even the kind of values that she has, you know, the positivity that she holds and the warmth she literally lets you. She walks into the room and there’s so much warmth. She has that same effect in my life.”

During the launch of Dance Deewane Juniors, Neetu Kapoor had also spoken about how she wants to have a friendly equation with Alia Bhatt.  She told The Times of India, “My relationship with my mother-in-law was outstanding. She loved me more than her son and I know it.” She also shared how she would even sometimes complain about her husband Rishi Kapoor to his mother. Now, the Amar Akbar Anthony actor hopes to “have the same equation with Alia because she is outstanding and amazing.”

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor tied the knot in April this year. They are all set to welcome their first child soon.

First published on: 08-08-2022 at 11:46:33 am
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