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Akshay Kumar on suicide among youth: I failed in school and today I have a National Award, watch video

In a video shared on Twitter, Akshay Kumar expressed his sorrow about the increasing suicidal tendencies among the youngsters due to studies.

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Akshay Kumar is on cloud nine as today is the day when he would be awarded his first National Film Award, which he has won for his performance in Rustom after 25 years in the film industry. While he is extremely happy about this special moment in his life, there is something that the actor is deeply affected and hurt about. In a video shared by Akshay on Twitter, the actor is questioning his fans if their lives are so unimportant that they are ready to kill themselves after scoring low in exams or failing. In order to motivate people, the actor narrated his own journey that how he was bad in studies too. In fact, he revealed he failed once but instead of berating him, his parents put him on the right path.

In the video, he says, “I want to say something from the bottom of my heart. I am extremely happy that I will finally be receiving my National Award from honourable President today. When the awards were being announced, I was talking to my mother and was recalling the time when I had once failed in my exam. I was worried that my parents would be extremely upset and angry with me. When I showed my report card to my parents, my father asked me what I wanted to do in life. I said I want to do sports. So, he said I can do sports and they will support me but have to continue studies too. I never knew that after sports, I would be drawn to martial arts, then modelling and acting happened. If that day my parents would not have made me understand my strengths, I would not have won this National Award nor I would have understood the reason I have it.”

“I am telling you this story for a reason. I read about suicide cases. In fact, every year almost 8 lakh people kill themselves out of which 2.5 lakhs cases are from India. Most of them are youngsters who commit suicide under pressure of studies or their failed relationship. Why… does your life has no value? If you want to do this, give away your life for the country instead. No matter how big is the stress, for once imagine the state of your parents when they would get to know about your suicide. Your parents do not deserve this kind of devastation,” he continued.

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In the same video, he questioned that why parents do not have the time to listen to their children’s problems. “I would like to ask parents, where is the time when you used to talk with your children and ask them about everything? Today, how will your child address his problems to you when you yourself are too busy on your phone? Your child is searching for friends on Facebook.”

He addressed the taboo regarding the mental checkups and said, “You call for a doctor if they are hurt but if they are stressed or depressed, you just tell them to think positive. Mental help and check up is as necessary as everything else. No matter how much I talk about it, it is you who have to take the decision. Talk to either friends or family. I need the promise that you will search for a solution, which is not suicide. For now, I would just say this.”

First published on: 03-05-2017 at 12:11:59 pm
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