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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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AK vs AK release LIVE UPDATES: Anil Kapoor is streaming on Netflix

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans are saying about AK vs AK, starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap in the lead roles.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: December 24, 2020 11:22:43 pm
ak vs ak movieAK vs AK is streaming on Netflix.

AK vs AK, starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, is finally streaming on Netflix. The comedy-thriller follows Kashyap, the brash film director who kidnaps popular movie star Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and films his search for her in real-time to present it as his next blockbuster.

The film’s trailer explores the meta world of Bollywood created by filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane. Both Kapoor and Kashyap play versions of themselves, and in the trailer too, we see Kapoor going through various phases as he tries to come to terms with his life and his daughter’s kidnapping.

Anil Kapoor told PTI, “We have come together not as director and actor, but as two actors, two sides of the same coin with a film called AK vs AK. And nothing can be better than Vikram directing both of us. So I think it’s better late than never.”

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23:22 (IST)24 Dec 2020
AK vs AK is now live on Netflix

After a delay of over 9 hours, Netflix India released AK vs AK on its platform at 11 pm. Netflix India tweeted, "AK update: We've managed to get @AnilKapoor & @anuragkashyap72 to agree to continue their fight on our screen! #AKvsAK is #NowStreaming."

17:21 (IST)24 Dec 2020
AK vs AK was pitched to me six-seven years ago: Vikramaditya Motwane

When Vikramaditya Motwane was asked how he got the idea to make AK vs AK, he said, “Avinash Sampat, who is the writer of the film, is a friend and lives in Amsterdam. Avinash pitched me this idea probably about six to seven years ago. It was a lovely idea where a film director kidnaps the daughter of a movie star, and makes the movie star search for his daughter and that becomes a film. And I think the idea is so brilliant and beautiful. Avinash is from advertising, so of course, he has pitched it saying, 'let's call this AK vs AK'.”

15:54 (IST)24 Dec 2020
Anil Kapoor celebrates his birthday today

AK vs AK releases on the same day as its lead actor Anil Kapoor's birthday.

15:28 (IST)24 Dec 2020
Anil Kapoor gives a sneak peek into AK vs AK

Anil Kapoor posted a video on Twitter giving a sneak peek into AK vs AK and his chemistry with Anurag Kashyap.

14:48 (IST)24 Dec 2020
Anil Kapoor: Playing the role of an Air Force officer is my dream

When Anil Kapoor was asked if he is playing an Air Force officer in the film, he said, “The answer in no. I am not playing an Air Force officer, I would love to play an Air Force officer, that's my dream. But in this film, I am playing myself. I am Anil Kapoor and that's my character in the film. And Anurag is playing himself. Anurag Kashyap a film director."

14:20 (IST)24 Dec 2020
AK vs AK: Our verdict

The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta wrote in her review, “Vikramaditya Motwane’s movie is not just meta. It’s meta-meta, especially when some parts hit too close to the mark, and some are just tantalisingly off the mark." READ MORE.

14:00 (IST)24 Dec 2020
Vikram Aditya Motwane: There are two leads in AK vs AK

On being asked who is the hero of the film, director Vikramaditya Motwane said, "If by hero you mean the lead, then there are two leads in the film. There is Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap. As to the hero of the film, I think that you will have to decide once you see the film."

13:43 (IST)24 Dec 2020
Vasan Bala on AK vs AK

Vasan Bala posted on Twitter, "'Jaan ki Baazi Laganewala Hota Hai Janbaaz Not a line from #AKvsAK but can totally feel the emotions of this in the film! Also Wiki says Janbaaz ( lit. 'Daredevil') and I know how much
@VikramMotwane loves Daredevil❤️ Ignore my randomness but do accept my love :) @netflix."

13:12 (IST)24 Dec 2020
The Film is a terrific ride: Hansal Mehta

12:57 (IST)24 Dec 2020

In this interview with, Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap talk about how they prepared for their characters in Ak vs AK. Director Vikramaditya Motwane also opens up about creating a meta film, a genre quite new to the Hindi film industry.

AK vs AK's promotions in the last few weeks have revolved around the director-actor's real-life tense history of unfulfilled projects. Before he became widely popular with films like Dev D, Gangs of Wasseypur series and the recent Netflix series Sacred Games, Anurag Kashyap wanted to make two movies — Allwyn Kallicharan and Grant Hotel — with Anil Kapoor.

Both the projects couldn’t materialise due to factors that were beyond their control, but it complicated their personal equation as Kashyap admitted he used to blame Kapoor for the films not getting made.

Anurag Kashyap told PTI that he was fine being criticised by Anil Kapoor on screen as he has become used to it due to the incessant trolling he has faced on social media over the years. "I became comfortable a long time ago because I have had a lot of trolling and criticism for the kind of films I make. So I’m pretty used to it. These days, I get very emotional when someone praises my work. I become a character from a Sooraj Barjatya movie," he said.