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Aamir Khan reveals he was offered Rajinikanth’s role in 2.0

Aamir Khan reveals that he was offered Rajinikanth's role in Shankar's 2.0. Rajinikanth called Aamir and asked him to take over the project citing health reasons but Aamir decided to pass it up as he felt that nobody could do it better than the veteran actor.

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Aamir Khan reveals that he was offered Rajinikanth’s role in Shankar’s 2.0.

Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is one of the most anticipated films of next year. After the enormous success of the first part, Robot (2010), director S. Shankar is going all the way to make 2.0 the biggest project in Indian cinema’s history. The antagonist of this film is being played by Akshay Kumar, who plays a scientist in the film and the lead character will be played by Rajinikanth. But not many know that at one point Aamir Khan was going to be a part of 2.0.

In a recent chat with Komal Nahta, Aamir Khan revealed that he was offered Rajinikanth’s role in the film. Aamir said that he read the script and was extremely convinced that this film was going to break all the records. He mentioned that even Rajinikanth called him to take up the project as he was facing certain health issues. Aamir then said that no matter how much he tried, he could have never aced the role the way Rajinikanth did and every time he closed his eyes he could only picture the senior actor doing the character.

Shankar is a visionary and it comes as a total surprise that even he could imagine the lead character being played by Aamir Khan but then, one has to believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. Rajinikanth is playing the lead role in the film that releases in January 2018.

Watch Aamir Khan’s candid confession here:

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