Bigg Boss Tamil finale: As it happened

Bigg Boss Tamil finale: As it happened

The most-awaited grand finale of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil began at 8:30 pm. Snehan, Aarav, Ganesh Venkatraman and Harish Kalyan are the final four contestants competing for the title in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, which is hosted by Kamal Haasan.

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Who will win the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil?

The first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, which marked the television debut of Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, came to an end on Saturday. Model-turned-actor Aarav was announced the winner of the show at a grand finale which also saw some interesting dance performances from former contestants.

Director Shankar along with producer Dil Raju also attended the finale, where he announced his next project Indian 2 starring Kamal in the lead role.

Read all the live updates of Bigg Boss Tamil grand finale:

12:42 am: Curtains come down on the finale with Kamal Haasan dancing to his famous song Annathae Aadurar. And he turned off the lights of the Bigg Boss house until next season.


12:30 am: Aarav announced the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

12:22 am: Snehan and Aarav entered the stage along with Kamal to a hero’s welcome.

12:18 am: Snehan and Aarav break into tears after Bigg Boss bids them farewell. Kamal enters the house with a popular song from his hit film Thevar Magan.

12:05 am: Kamal Haasan will go inside the Bigg Boss house to escort Snehan and Aara out of the house.

12:01 am: Bigg Boss plays ‘Kurumpadam’ for Kamal Haasan. It consists of best bits of Kamal’s anchoring.

11:51 pm: Before announcing the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, the audience is treated to a dance performance from Suja Varunee.

11:46 pm: Oviya escorts Harish Kalyan out of the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Harish comes out and gives a peck on Kamal Haasan’s cheek.

11:34 pm: Oviya was given the task to go inside the house and bring out one of the contestants. Who is that? Is it Aarav?

11:23 pm: Ganesh Venkatraman is the third runner-up of Bigg Boss Tamil. His wife Nisha Krishnan was sent in to bring him out of the house.

11:01 pm: Kamal Haasan reveals that Bigg Boss Tamil received a total of 767653065 votes in its first season.

10:54 pm: Kamal Haasan interacts with children, who are fans of Bigg Boss Tamil and played a game to check their knowledge about the show. He gave them popular one-liners and asked to guess who said that. All the children got it right and even mimicked Kamal.

10:36 pm: Kamal Haasan plays a slideshow of some creative memes that trolled contestants on social media. He said many meme creators have made a great contribution to the success of the show and thanked them.

10:29 pm: Another clip showing the highlights of 100 days of Bigg Boss Tamil is played.

10:23 pm: Juliana gives a dance performance to a mix of folk songs.

10:15 pm: Kamal Haasan invites director Shankar and producer Dil Raju to the stage. Shankar announces that they will be making the sequel to 1996 blockbuster Indian.

10:13 pm: Oviya also thanks her fans. Oviya says she realised her plus and minus after she took part in the Bigg Boss Tamil. She runs into the audience and handshakes with her fans.

10:08 pm: Bharani tells the audience that he was invited by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to present him with the ‘people’s favourite’ award. But, he chose to be at the Bigg Boss Tamil finale for Kamal Haasan. He thanked all his fans from around the world.

10:04 pm: Kamal asks the evicted contestants to come onto the stage. And Oviya remains the centre of attraction. She is welcomed with thunderous applause from the studio audience.

9:46 pm: Kamal Haasan speaks to everyone inside the house through plasma TV and asks them to share their thoughts on the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil.

9:35 pm: Except for Namitha and Shree, rest of the evicted contestants have come for the grand finale.

9:30 pm: The bad blood created between the current and ex-contestants during their time together in the house are still fresh. And, it is very visible.

9:22 pm: Riaza and Shakthi Vasudevan tell Aarav about the popularity of Oviya among the audience. And suggest him to brace himself for trolls when he steps out of the Bigg Boss house.

9:16 pm: Oviya walks up to Aarav. After a firm handshake and friendly hug, she walks away. Gayathri advises to Snehan on how to deal with audience reactions outside the Bigg Boss house.

9:02 pm: All housemates and ex-contestants exchange pleasantries. Oviya greets everyone. She is yet to meet Aarav.

8:57 pm: On the last day of the show, contestants wake up to Aalaporaan Thamizhan song from Vijay’s Mersal even as all the evicted contestants enter the house. And, yes, Oviya is also there.

8:53 pm: Kamal Haasan plays a ‘Kurumpadam’ (short film) about what audience think about the Bigg Boss Tamil. Most of the viewers strongly opined that their favourite contestant was Oviya. It also had bytes from celebrities such as Gautham Karthik, Sibiraj and others. Public and celebrity viewers unanimously gave thumbs up for his anchoring skills.

8:43 pm: Kamal Haasan thanks the audience for making the show such a big hit. He said the show viewership was 6.5 crore impressions worldwide. “Bigg Boss Tamil has written a new chapter in the history of South Indian television entertainment and that still would be an understatement. Thanks for giving me such a big success in my career as a television host. I consider it as a big fortune,” Kamal said.

8:35 pm: The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil opens with a rocking performance from choreographer Sandy to a mix of songs based on the highlights of the show mainly consisting of popular episodes and one-liners from contestants.

8:15 pm: Ganesh Venkatraman will beat Snehan and Aarav to lift the Bigg Boss Tamil trophy, an poll showed on Friday.


8 pm: The Bigg Boss Tamil finale will air from 8:30 pm. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode: