Bigg Boss 11 premiere episode review: This season of Salman Khan’s show promises to be the best one yet

Bigg Boss 11 premiere episode review: This season of Salman Khan’s show promises to be the best one yet

Bigg Boss 11 premiere episode review: The makers this time have not only got together a concept like never before but also have introduced some very interesting contestants. From a peon's daughter to a controversial figure like Shilpa Shinde, this show has already made sure to keep our attention intact and we are extremely excited to know what's going to happen next. The show will air on Colors TV from 10:30 pm for an hour, for all seven days.

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Bigg Boss 11 episode 1 review: Salman Khan sets the mood of the show.

Indian television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss is back with its eleventh season. The show, hosted by Salman Khan, aired its premiere episode on Sunday night. From Salman’s performance to the very interesting line up of contestants, Bigg Boss 11 has started its journey with a bang. It seems this season will keep us hooked to the show from the very first day.

As we all know by now, the theme of this year is neighbours aka padosis. So, a set of contestants would be living in the house while others will be acting as their neighbours.

The show started with a smashing performance by Salman. Later, he introduced us to the padosis – Lucinda Nicholas, Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui and Sabyasachi Satpathy. By the way, these padosis are going to rule the house for a couple of days and in fact, in the premiere episode, they decided if a contestant deserves to be in the house or not. By the end of the episode, we had a knack of the powers enjoyed by the housemates. So, will they have an upper hand throughout? Also, their personalities proved that they are here to create a mess, a mess we would surely be waiting to be a part of.

Just like last year, there’s a Sadhu in this season too! But this time it’s a woman. Sshivani Durgah, a commoner but a self-proclaimed god woman, is on the show to prove that not all Swamis are like Swami Om. We loved how Salman Khan interrogated her. In fact, he mentioned how big a headache Swami Om was for him. We heard him saying that he himself turned into a Swami by counselling him but he didn’t change a bit.


Sshivani went on to call Swami Om a fraud. She claimed every famous personality misuses a saint’s position and respect but when Salman asked about her fame, she cleverly changed the topic. We are hoping she isn’t another Swami Om of Bigg Boss house.

Another interesting contestant was Sapna Choudhary. She is a performer whose videos have gone viral but for all the wrong reasons. Many in the society call her characterless but Salman won hearts by taking a stand for her. When one of the padosis questioned that why she takes money, Salman stood in defence and said, “Who will dance for free? I’m also taking money to do this show.” He surely won hearts and proved to be a true hero at this point.

Then it was Jyoti Kumari, a peon’s daughter, who made everyone in the audience jealous because she romanced Salman on stage during a task given to her. The contestant aspires to be an actor but would she fit in the house which already has big names from the industry. Well, that’s also why you would want to wait for the show’s next episode.

The biggest masala provider for the initial week is going to be Shilpa Shinde, the actor who rose to fame with her role in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. She became infamous for her tiff with the production house but least did she know that Vikas Gupta, one of the key people behind her being sacked from the series, was also a part of the show. Their on-stage exchange proved that there’s a lot to look forward to. So, will Shilpa take a stand and still stay as aggressive as on the stage? We got to wait and watch.

But beyond giving us all masala to stay tuned to the reality show, there’s some hotness quotient too. Spiltsvilla hottie Priyank Sharma and the too-hot-to-handle VJ Benafsha Soonawalla had set the stage on fire. The two good looking contestants are sure to raise bars of hotness. It was funny to see Salman being so jealous of Priyank for having such good and chiseled abs.

Among commoners, Bandgi Kalra and Arshi Khan are sure to create ruckus in the house. High on confidence, Bandgi and Arshi appear to be one of those who make a lot of noise for no reason. Just like last year’s Priyanka Jagga. But you never know how they turn out to be.

Adding entertainment dose to the episode was also Judwaa 2 stars Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez. It was interesting to see Varun’s comfort on the stage with Salman. In fact, Varun said like he acts in the remake of a Salman Khan film, he will also take away the Bigg Boss hosting job. We hope the makers are not listening to the idea because we love Salman as a host.

As far as Bigg Boss 11 contestants are concerned, with personalities like Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan and others on the show, the fan following of the season is bound to increase but it is the commoners like last year who seem to be strong and well versed about how to play the game.

Salman Khan was extremely happy to come back as host but we sense he will face problems in the future.

The show will air on Colors TV, every day of the week at 10:30pm.