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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

EXCLUSIVE Priyanka Jagga attacks Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 10: Contestants treat Salman like he’s their papa

In an exclusive interview, Bigg Boss 10's ousted contestant Priyanka Jagga talks about Salman Khan's lack of empathy, Swami Om's madness and how the show is edited to turn contestants into heroes and villains. She also predicts Bigg Boss 10 winner.

Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai |
December 30, 2016 10:49:30 pm
bigg boss 10, Priyanka Jagga, salman khan, Priyanka Jagga bigg boss 10, bigg boss, priyanka salman, priyanka jagga image In her explosive interview, Priyanka Jagga slams Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 10 makers and fellow contestants.

Priyanka Jagga has been hated, loathed and — much to the happiness of a lot of viewers — is finally out of one of the most-watched reality shows, Bigg Boss 10. Priyanka Jagga, a housewife from Noida, created mayhem on the show to the extent that for the first time on Bigg Boss, its superstar host Salman Khan asked a contestant to leave the show.

After her eviction, Salman said he would never work with Colors if they continued their association with Priyanka. She has emerged as probably one of the most infamous contestants on the show ever. However, this is an image Priyanka Jagga is not ready to live with. Speaking to after her ouster, Priyanka reveals her side of story, what upset her most about Salman’s conduct and why she will never be apologetic about her foul-mouth.

Salman Khan didn’t throw me out of the show

“Salman sir didn’t kick me out. I know that’s how it has been projected but the truth is I, myself, asked him to let me go. When Salman sir said that he won’t work with Colors if they work with me, I just said, ‘Colors aapko mubarak ho. I am happy to leave.’ I found that absurd because why would a person as big as Salman Khan compare himself to me! I don’t want to work in any channel so, it doesn’t matter to me if Colors doesn’t work with me. No one expected me to leave but I did because unlike others, I don’t need to act subservient in front of him as I don’t have to work in the industry,” Priyanka says.

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To entertain is Salman’s job, not mine

There has been speculation that Priyanka was unwell on the show and wanted to leave. Confirming the rumour, Priyanka says she was hurt by Salman on the Weekend ka Vaar episode when he didn’t inquire about her health even once. “I was hurt by Salman sir because the first thing he asked me on the episode was, ‘Did you entertain this week or not.’ I got angry with this question because that was the last thing on my mind and I asked him back, ‘Sir, is this question for me?’ My health was such that I could not move and rather than asking me about my health, he asked me about entertaining. I told him that sir, ‘To entertain is your job, not mine. I am just a contestant.’ That made him angry and he said. ‘Show this attitude to someone else, not me.'”

Salman is given questions to ask contestants

Priyanka adds that she felt undervalued when the show makers gave precedence to a special dance performance for Salman’s birthday over her health issues.  “Salman sir is given questions by the makers to ask us. So, couldn’t they include one question about my health? That would have made me happy because the whole house knows that I was in a bad condition. I was bleeding and continuously asking Bigg Boss to let me go or get me a doctor. I was not in a condition to think about participating in a surprise dance for Salman’s birthday and fitting of clothes to wear for the performance. But those were the only things Bigg Boss was interested in. If I am not physically fit, how will I dance or join in other things?” she says.

priyanka jagga, bigg boss 10, lopamudra, bigg boss 10 image Salman Khan intervened after Lopamudra and Priyanka Jagga’s abusive fight on Bigg Boss 10.

I didn’t suffer a miscarriage

Stories about her physical illness took a bizarre turn when it was reported that she suffered a miscarriage inside the Bigg Boss house. Clarifying the rumour, Priyanka says, “That’s a false news. It’s a fact that I was bleeding and I got a few tests done but I don’t know, maybe my brother or someone else said I had a miscarriage inside the house. That’s untrue. When my brother contacted me, I told him the same. He said that as I was not sharing anything with anyone, he assumed so. But the truth was I wanted some days off to physically recover.”

Lopa abused me, Bigg Boss edited it out

Talking about her fight with Lopa, due to which she faced a backlash, Priyanka says she was turned into a villain for using abusive language when even Lopa hurled abuses at her as well. She insists Lopa’s abuses were edited out. “I used to say bad things during my fight with others but I gave what I got from them. During my fight with Lopa, she said such bad things to me like, ‘I am not sure if these two kids that you call yours are actually yours’ and raised question on my marriage. The only difference between me and her was she abused me in English and I did in Hindi, which pinched other housemates. Bani was the only one, who said that she saw Lopa abusing me left right and centre. But all that was edited and only what I said was aired.”

Priyanka Jagga, Bigg Boss 10, Bani J, Bigg Boss 10 image Priyanka Jagga believes Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10 as she has makers’ support.

Contestants treat Salman as if he’s their father

She was known as the most aggressive contestant on the show, but Priyanka says that her straightforward nature was misunderstood as misconduct but she has no qualms about it.

“When Manu Punjabi came back in the house just a few days after his mother’s death, many people must have thought that how could he possibly do that? These thoughts come in everyone’s mind but they don’t say it. I said it and hence became the villain. I don’t know how to sugarcoat things. Also, in front of Salman, people treat him like he is their papa! I don’t do that. I don’t know what was expected of me that I should say please Salman sir don’t do this with me, I am sorry or just be silent like Gaurav Chopra! I couldn’t do all of this. Had I acted in a servile manner, I would have gone ahead in the game.”

Contestants kept the house dirty

Priyanka had a fight with almost every contestant on the show and while they don’t really have anything good to say about her, the outspoken girl says that her issues with others were mostly related to the most basic things, like hygiene and food.

“These people kept the house dirty, they just didn’t know to maintain it. I was the one cleaning others’ dirt, cooking them meals and taking care of them, especially when they used to be busy performing tasks. My problem was that if you want to do things, do them properly otherwise leave them. Imagine, three people baking chapatis for breakfast! Where does that happen? We would get breakfast after waiting for an hour. So, my mantra was that I can cook alone, I don’t need people around me in kitchen. I can work alone as I am a housewife and used to cooking for 15-20 people at a time. Other housemates used to consider this as a part of my game plan. They would say she wants to play game alone and not be with anyone. I found that funny,” she says.

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Lopamudra, Rahul Dev are hypocrites

Calling housemates like Lopa and Rahul Dev, who is now evicted from the show, hypocrites, Priyanka says that she will never understand how conveniently they called her names and still expected her to treat them well

“No one remembered the good I did. Like a mother, I have taken care of the Bigg Boss inmates. When it was about getting food, everybody would come forward and just order, ‘Priyanka, make three paranthas for me,’ so on and so forth. But these were the same people, who would later call me a witch. What really got to me was when I was vomiting and suffered from diarrhea, people said I was faking it. They could see that two-three bouncers from the show were taking me to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk properly but they still had the audacity to make this claim. They had stooped this low,” she says.

Swami Om is a mad man

Amid all the negative attention from the other inmates, Priyanka found a support in another controversial contestant Swami Om, who is as usually busy creating controversies one after the other. The latest incident, where Rohan Mehra slapped him after he interfered in his task despite repeated requests and warning, even by Bigg Boss, has again got Swami Om in the centre of things and Priyanka says it was his well-planned move.

“Swami Om is a mad man. He does everything for footage 24/7. Makers are also perplexed that what should they do with this man. He is capable of weirdest antics every minute. Right now, the way he is behaving is also all thought out. He is unhappy with my unceremonious exit. So, he wants to show the audience that there are far more aggressive people than me and him. He provoked Rohan because he knew Rohan would react in an aggressive manner. Swami Om wants to prove that my eviction was unfair and other housemates are worse than how I was perceived to be. I don’t know how he will behave with Salman today.”

For Priyanka, however, the most interesting aspect of this fight would be Salman’s reaction on it. She says, “After my eviction, Salman has to tread carefully. Now, he will have to stay neutral because if he takes sides he will be bashed. If he says that Rohan was right, he would be questioned and if he says Rohan was wrong, even then he will be questioned. So, now he will have to let go of this incident.”

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I used to make Swami Om dance to my tunes

A lot has been said about Swami Om and Priyanka’s equation, with majority describing it as a relation of convenience. Priyanka doesn’t disagree with the description and even goes to say that she used to make him dance to her tunes and he happily obliged.

“Had I been in the house, he wouldn’t have gone berserk. I know how to handle Swami Om. I made him dance like a puppet and he loved doing that. He was happy playing the game under my shadow. He is a crazy guy and he can only be handled through love, which I used to give him,” she says.

Bani will win Bigg Boss 10

Though she has no affinity towards any contestant, Priyanka feels it will be Bani J, who will walk away with the winner’s trophy. And, she believes that will happen because of the ‘support’ Bani is getting on the show. “I think Bani will win because she has support (from the show). That’s quite evident. Salman is sweet to her, also she is encouraged a lot. Things are in her favour,” Priyanka signs off.


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