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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Bigg Boss Season 10, 24th October 2016 written update: Gaurav, Mona, Rohan, Manveer, Swami, Nitibha and Akanksha nominated

Bigg Boss 10: In the Monday episode, Indiawale fight with Swami Om for not taking a stand. The commoners are a house divided as they become the sevaks.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Updated: October 25, 2016 12:52:44 pm
bigg boss 10, bigg boss 10 monday episode, bigg boss 10 nominations, bigg boss 10 karan mehra, karan mehra image In Bigg Boss 10’s Monday episode, Karan discusses with celebrities that Manu is touching Mona inappropriately, but she is not objecting.

The episode starts with a fight where Manveer and Nitibha are seen discussing their performance in the task. He says that they both should not talk about this anymore. The commoners discuss celebrities and nominations and Navin says that celebrities have no emotions and they are ‘heartless’. Navin says that Manu and Manveer are playing games with both the teams.

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Bigg Boss calls everyone in the common room and he announces that since Indiawale discussed nominations, their power of being ‘Malik’ is being snatched from them and is given to celebrities. Manveer handovers ‘Hukum ki Ghanti’ to Bani. Gaurav tells Rohan not to cross the line while being a Malik. Indiawale are dividing the responsibilities where Lokesh says that she wants to cook.

Swami asks Karan to punish him if he has done wrong to anyone. Rahul says that why does he want punishment unnecessarily. Swami tells Bigg Boss that celebrities are behaving like dictators. Manu and Akanksha get into a fight where Akanksha says that he should give the kitchen’s work to her and Lokesh. Manu calls Lokesh stupid as she constantly pokes him about putting her at number 13 in the ranking task.

Swami goes to the gymming area and starts gymming when Karan tells him that he should not have entered the area without their permission. Swami replies that he is not aware of such a rule. Rohan asks Karan whether he should punish Swami for breaking the rule, at which Swami gets angry and says that he will not accept any punishment as he didn’t know about any such rule. Nitibha tells Swami that he should have read the rule book properly. Rohan tells Swami about the punishment but Swami refuses to accept it. Rohan tells Bigg Boss that he wants to punish Swami but he is not accepting it.

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Swami starts reading the rule book and he finds the rule of not using gym without Malik’s permission. He then says that all 13 contestants are after his life, if anything happens to him then all the contestants will be responsible. Karan tells celeb contestants that he is touching Mona inappropriately, but Mona is not objecting to this. Lopa says that Mona is innocent but Rahul interrupts and says she understands what Manu is doing. Karan conveys this to Mona and asks her whether she is comfortable with Manu’s behaviour. Mona Lisa says that she feels Manu behaves like this with everyone and she is comfortable with him.

Bigg Boss calls everyone in the garden and orders to start the nominations. Manveer nominates Gaurav and Rohan whereas Rohan targets Manu and Manveer, claiming they are manipulative. Swami nominates Gaurav for influencing him against his team and he also nominates Bani as she thinks she is not a proper ‘Bhartiya Naari’. He says that she is against Indian culture. Rahul nominates Swami and Akanksha. Gaurav, Mona Lisa and Rohan finally get nominated from celebrities squad, whereas Nitibha, Manveer, Manu, and Akanksha get nominated from commoners group.

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